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Dead Island 2 Guide

Dead Island 2 Guide

Zombiewood Dead Island 2 guide is the best tips and tricks, for combat, weapon upgrades, character development, crafting. We describe all workshops, skill cards, locked boxes, weapon schemes, enemies, heroes, system requirements, game length.

Last update: 20 March 2024

This guide to Dead Island 2 will help you survive in Los Angeles overrun by zombies and escape the post-apocalyptic metropolis. We have prepared tips and tricks for fighting common monsters and bosses, locations of valuable secrets and collectibles, as well as lists of workbenches, skill cards or weapon blueprints. All this, combined with a complete trophy guide for the game, will allow you to experience everything Dead Island 2 has to offer.

Dead Island 2: Guide contents

This original guide to Dead Island 2 opens with descriptions of the the game's basics and its main mechanics. This includes a list of playable characters complete with their unique traits, as well as tips on fighting, crafting, character development and weapon upgrades. Our FAQ offers a handy breakdown of the most common questions – how to repair items, how to heal the character, how to gain XP quickly, how to unlock containers or obtain firearms.

One of the most important chapters of the guide focuses on finding secrets and collectibles. We explore workshops, weapon blueprints, skill cards, traders and locked boxes. This chapter will make it easier for you to find the treasures hidden all over Los Angeles districts.

The guide to Dead Island 2 is concluded by an appendix, which primarily contains a trophy guide - you will find a list of achievements and information on the requirements for obtaining the platinum trophy. Other important points of the appendix explain the length of Dead Island 2, the controls, PC system requirements or accessibility options.

Dead Island 2: Tips and Tricks

  1. Learn how to parry attacks. This will allow your hero not only to stop zombies' attacks, but also to perform strong counterattacks. You can eliminate monsters more efficiently with them.
  2. Use skill cards that match your play style. The number of cards active at any given time is limited. Set in active slots those that are the most useful to you.
  3. Check the map often. Initially, it will be full of question markers, but by moving closer to the locations they mark, you will reveal specific places, such as workbenches, traders or lockboxes with valuable treasures.
  4. Search the locations you visit carefully. Many important collectibles are not marked on the district maps at all. Among them, you can find blueprints for new items. Loot and collectibles may be marked with an outline or an animation that hints at their presence nearby.
  5. Don't waste cash on upgrading weak weapons. In the first hours of the game, you can find many white and green (higher quality) items. Don't waste money upgrading or restoring them to full condition. You can easily find brand new common weapons.

More tips on a separate page of the guide: Tips and Tricks.

Dead Island 2: Collectibles and Puzzles


  1. Workbenches - we show the location of the workbenches where you can modify and repair weapons.
  2. Traders - where to meet traders and what items they offer.
  3. Keys and access cards - we show the locations of various hidden keys and keycards that unlock certain doors and containers.


  1. Pressure valves puzzle in the sewers - here we describe and provide the solution for a mandatory puzzle from Brentwood Sewers involving adjusting pressure valves and levers with the goal to unlock the floodgate.
  2. Message in a bottle - from here you can learn more about an optional investigation initiated via a message found on the beach in Santa Monica.

Dead Island 2: All Lost & Found quests

Lost & Found is a series of quests in Dead Island 2 in which you must find items or people. As a reward, you will receive experience points and unique weapons.

  1. The Clean and Snatch - a quest about finding a specific pool in Bel-Air.
  2. My Mailman Was A Zombie - the quest requires finding all courier packages.
  3. Fool's Gold - find Randy and Dante's buried treasure on the beach.
  4. Jo's Rainy Day Stash - a quest located in Venice Beach, and the reward is a throwing weapon.
  5. Missing: Davis - a quest that requires finding Davis in the Pier.
  6. Missing: Greg - a quest available in Ocean Avenue, in which you will have to find Greg.
  7. Missing: Jamal - a series of quests in which you have to find a specific person, in this case Jamal.
  8. Missing: Laura - a quest that will lead you to the police station in Venice Beach.
  9. Missing: Nadia - a quest in which you will have to find Nadia.
  10. Missing: Pablo - a quest located in Venice Beach, your goal is to find Pablo.
  11. Missing: Rainier - a quest that requires finding Rainier, who may be a potential Numen.
  12. Missing: Steve - a series of quests to find a specific person, in this case Steve.
  13. Drunk and Disorderly - this is a Lost & Found quest (this one becomes available only after completing the main story) initiated in Hotel Serling in Ocean Avenue.
  14. Missing: Shane - a task that involves locating a missing person in Venice Beach.

Dead Island 2: Basics

  1. List of characters - here you will find a list of playable characters, along with their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Character modification - learn if you can change the appearance of the character, their stats and skills.
  3. Upgrading weapons - how to get weapons to next levels and modify them.
  4. Best skill - the game offers dozens of skills to choose from, check out which are the most useful.
  5. Fury mode - this mode can be very helpful when fighting a larger group of opponents.
  6. Best blueprints - you need them to improve and modify weapons, this page describes the best of them.
  7. Autophage - specific skills of the hero related to their contagion.
  8. Weapon Rarity - on this page we list and explain all levels of weapon rarity.

Dead Island 2: FAQ

  1. How to get XP fast? - we list the main methods for gaining experience efficiently.
  2. Is there level scaling? - this page answers whether the enemies' levels scale to your character.
  3. Can you increase the inventory? - learn whether it is possible to expand the number of inventory slots.
  4. How to get a firearm? - you'll learn how to get the first firearm and ammunition.
  5. Does it have an open world? - we explain if you can freely roam the world of Dead Island 2.
  6. Where is Hicks? - finding the lieutenant is one of the more difficult tasks in the game. On this page of the guide you will find his location.
  7. How to turn off the alarm? - a loud sound can attract zombies. Find out how to avoid doing this.
  8. Is there fast travel? - We answer the question of whether you can use fast travel and backtrack to previously visited districts.
  9. How to get to the Goat Pen? - we explain how to get into the locked location in Bel-Air.
  10. Is there a point of no return? - here we explain when the endgame starts.
  11. How to obtain ammunition easily? - ammunition is key in DI2. On this page you will learn how to quickly replenish its supply.
  12. How to heal? - you will learn how the hero's injuries can be automatically or manually healed.
  13. How to get into Stage 5? - learn how to get into the movie studio.
  14. How to kill armored zombies? - learn how to damage their armor and what weapons work best on them.
  15. How to get money fast? - here we explain how to get the resources needed to upgrade and repair weapons.
  16. How to unlock co-op? - if you want to know if you can play with friends, check out this page.
  17. How to get Mutated Hearts? - here we explain how to get this rare material.
  18. How to get fuses? - you need them to open the locked door, behind which you will find a chest with ingredients and weapons.
  19. How to throw a weapon 35 meters away? - this skill will be useful for unlocking two trophies, its description can be found on this page of the guide.
  20. How to increase the amount of carried med kits? - healing will come in handy when fighting difficult bosses, so it's worth finding out if you can increase your med kit limit.
  21. Are there difficulty levels? - here you will find out if you can adapt the gameplay to your skills.
  22. How to disarm rope traps? - you will encounter deadly traps, this page describes how to disarm them.
  23. Can you change the time of day? - here you will find out if DI2 has the option to change the time of day and what it offers.
  24. Where is the key to Curtis' safe? - on this page we show how to open the safe in Curtis's mansion in Bel-Air.
  25. How do you start a new campaign? - here we explain how to begin a new playthrough e.g. when you want to try out a different hero.
  26. Does the loot respawn? - here we answer the question whether loot containers in already visited locations respawn.
  27. How to unlock a maglock? - on this page we show how to unlock maglocks.
  28. How to pass the Ninja challenge? - on this page we described a challenge involving throwing shurikens.
  29. Where is gate 7 in Randgate? - here we describe a potential problematic section encountered in story quests in Ocean Avenue.

Dead Island 2: Bosses

  1. Becki the Bride - you'll have to face this zombie dressed in a bridal gown in the banquet hall of Halperin Hotel. This is the first encounter with a Crusher-type zombie.
  2. Alesis Hernandez - this creature is encountered during the final phase of the exploration of Monarch Studios. This is the first meeting with a Slobber-type zombie.
  3. Nikki Gutte - first meeting with a Screamer - you'll cross paths with Nicki when attempting to break into her mansion in Beverly Hills.
  4. Dillon - first Inferno Crusher encountered in the game - Dillon uses a lot of fire attacks. You fight him in the parking lot belonging to a store in Venice Beach.
  5. Butcho the Clown - you'll have to face him at the end of the boardwalk in The Pier - this is the first meeting with a Butcher-type zombie.
  6. Specimen Noah - this fight takes place during the exploration of a secret laboratory in Ocean Avenue - this will be your first Mutator.
  7. Final boss - the final boss of the campaign is encountered in Hollywood Boulevard.

Dead Island 2: Game length

A typical playthrough of Dead Island 2 should take about 20 hours. This is assuming that the player will engage in some side quests in addition to completing the main storyline. The game has much more content for those wishing to complete 100% of it - numerous secrets and collectibles, challenges or dozens of optional missions.

More information available here: Game length.

Dead Island 2: Language versions

Subtitles in Dead Island 2 will be available in several different versions. Dialogues are spoken in English by default.

Dead Island 2: Game release

Dead Island 2 was released on April 21, 2023. The game is available on PC (Epic Games Store exclusive), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

About Dead Island 2 Guide

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Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

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Dead Island 2 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Sumo Digital
  • publisher: Deep Silver / Plaion
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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