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News video games 21 October 2020, 20:12

author: Carla

Details on Civilization 6's Pirate Update

A handful of new information on the upcoming free update to Civilization 6 has appeared on the web. The update will enable us to play as the captain of a pirate faction. We've learned new details about the gameplay.

Recently we wrote about October's update for Sid Meier's Civilization VI, strongly inspired by Sid Meier's Pirates! Until now, it was known that the multiplayer scenario will offer the opportunity to join one of the four pirate factions, differing in terms of style of play and skills. We will fight not only other pirates but also deal with the Navy of England, France, Spain and the Netherlands. When playing as pirates will not be possible to build cities, but we will be able to use ports. It is in the taverns that we will come across special relics, offering bonuses and helping to personalize our gameplay.

What did we find out? The gameplay will focus on conquering the seas, acquiring treasures and infamy. Victory will depend on the number of points obtained in these three categories. Battle points will be gained in an obvious way - through skirmishes. Treasure points will be gained by burying valuables and attacking Treasure Fleets, i.e. a heavily guarded sea covoys, sent out every few rounds. Infamy points are aquired by sinking special units called Infamous Pirates. But these are not all the opponents we will face. Barbarians known from the base game will be replaced by the Buccaneers faction and will perform a similar function.

We have also learned the active and passive skills of each faction. For example, the skills of Dread Pirates will make it possible to sink a damaged enemy ship, temporarily increase our combat strength, movement speed and provide additional gold for every battle. The Privateers will be able to take control of a damaged enemy ship, know the location of all the ports it owns, to this will be added a gold bonus for attacks on the trade route. Swashbucklers will offer a temporary increase in speed, and discovering more and more of the map will provide additional points of infamy. The Hoarders, on the other hand, will be able to temporarily immobilize the enemy, the maintenance costs of their units will be lowered and bonus points for buried treasure will be provided, and each turn, additional gold.

The free update will be available tomorrow, on October 22.

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