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News movies & tv series 15 October 2020, 21:34

author: Adrian Werner

Dexter Will Return to Fix the Weak Finale

TV series Dexter will continue. Michael C. Hall will return in the lead role, and the showrunner of the first four seasons is responsible for the whole project.

Showtime station announced the return of Dexter, one of the greatest hits in the history of this channel. The project is planned for one season only and is to tell a closed story. The production is to start in a few months, and the premiere will take place in autumn 2021.

Michael C. Hall will play the title role again. The key news for fans will be the fact that Clyde Phillips, the showrunner of the first four seasons, commonly regarded as the best in the series, is responsible for the project. After his departure, Dexter has suffered a steady decline in quality. Phillips was replaced by Chip Johannessen, and the latter by Scott Buck.

Fans were not happy with the quality of the sixth season. The seventh one was received much warmer, but the eighth and final one is widely considered a disaster. Scott Buck, who was responsible for it, was also the showrunner of the terrible Inhumans and the weak first season of Iron Fist. As you can see, this producer is not appreciated by the audience, so the fact that he is not behind Dexter's return will be a great relief for fans.

Clyde Phillips has been given a chance to restore the series back to its former glory. The resurrection of the brand has been talked about for several years, but both Showtime's head of production, Gary Levine, and Michael C. Hall stressed that this will only happen if they find a way to do it with dignity. Now they say that they got exactly what they wanted.

It is only a pity that the composer of the show's excellent soundtrack, Daniel Licht, did not live to see the return of the series. The artist died three years ago, and his last work was the soundtrack for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


The following section contains details about the finale of Dexter season eight, so if you haven't seen it yet, we advise you to finish your reading here.

The finale of the eighth season of the series offers a ready hook for a continuation. After the death of his half-sister, Dexter faked his own death and started a new life, working on timber shipment in Oregon. The ending was controversial, but it gave Clyde Phillips a free hand in creating the characters' future.

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