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News video games 04 February 2021, 21:22

author: Ness

Expansion Pack Nemesis Announced for Stellaris

A new expansion for Stellaris called Nemesis will introduce some new options to the end game.


  • A new expansion for Stellaris called Nemesis will soon make its debut;
  • The add-on focuses on the endgame phase, when the player must face an impending crisis.

Back in 2020, Paradox Interactive announced that the development of their 4X space strategy game Stellaris was only going to get better as the game had endless potential. This meant that fans could expect more story-driven expansions. Today, a trailer for this year's first expansion pack called Nemesis has surfaced. The content pack received its page on Steam and

As we can read in the description under the trailer and on the expansion's page on Steam, Nemesis will focus primarily on the final phase of the game, in which the player usually has to deal with a powerful crisis threatening the entire galaxy. The new DLC not only adds diplomacy options so that we can more effectively defend ourselves, our friends and our enemies, but it will also enable players to turn to the "dark side of the force" and challenge the rest of the cosmos.

Stellaris: Nemesis will be the fifth major expansion to Paradox's space strategy game. We don't know the official release date yet, but it will probably be this year.

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