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News video games 28 October 2022, 15:58

author: Jacob Blazewicz

F1 Manager 22 Dies After 2 Months

Two months and a lot of unresolved problems - the story of F1 Manager 22 game turned out to be surprisingly short.

Developers of F1 Manager 22 have announced the end of support for the game. Released on August 30, the Formula One manager simulator will receive one more major update with fixes suggested by players. In contrast, further updates will not significantly affect the gameplay.

A mediocre conclusion...

The decision of Frontier Development is surprising not only in the context of only two months that have passed since the game's release. In discussions on the game's forum on Steam and Reddit Internet users point out a host of remaining bugs, which were not even mentioned in the developer's new announcement.

Among other things, the developers wrote about fixing bugs related to fuel consumption during qualifications and incorrect calculation of the estimated time needed to complete a race. However, according to the players, F1 Manager 22 has other pressing shortcomings.

...and a lot of unsolved problems

Exaggerated and immersion-killing DRS (Drag Reduction System, which is used during overtaking), or malfunctioning pit stops (AI-controlled drivers always leave before the player's car) - these are just some of the game's most frequently cited issues. Some of these have been introduced by subsequent updates, but most of the problems have been present practically since the launch of F1 Manager 22.

To these we can add, among others, problems with overtaking (including so-called unlapping - overtaking of the leader's vehicle by drivers going one lap behind him) and - and this is probably the biggest criticism of the game - the overly repetitive and predictable nature of the races (collisions and crashes on the track are rare). And it doesn't stop there either - Internet users really have a lot of objections.

F1 Manager 22 disappointed players

It is not surprising, then, that the announcement of the end of support for the game after the next update was received with furious disbelief. After all, this is not the first case of a game failing at launch in many respects. There is no shortage of examples of developers who have managed to save games that most players have written off.

Some players cynically conclude that Frontier Developments is probably already thinking about the next installment, which will only correct some of the faults found in F1 Manager 22. The less malicious users even wonder if the developer's decision is not the result of prematurely delegating most of the developers to a new project.

However, it is questionable whether buyers of F1 Manager 22 will look favorably on the next installment. At least judging by the comments of disappointed people who certainly won't spend $50 after this year's Frontier Developments fiasco.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

Passionate about video (and other) games for years, he completed an Mba in linguistics, defending a thesis about games. He began his adventure with Gamepressure in 2015, writing in the newsroom, later also covering film and – oh, horror! – technology (also contributor to the gaming encyclopedia). He started with platformers, which he still dearly loves (including metroidvania), but he's also interested in card games (including 'analog'), brawlers, soulslike games and basically every other type of game. Don't ask about the graphics – after a few hours of exposition, he can be delighted with pixelated characters from games that remember the days of the Game Boy age (if not older).


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