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News hardware & software 11 May 2020, 11:37

author: Kuszu

Facebook and Google Will Allow for Remote Work Until End of the Year

Google and Facebook will give their employees a choice and allow home office work until the end of this year. However, if someone has the need, they can work in the office beginning with June or July.

Facebook and Google will give their employees a choice and allow them to continue working remotely
  1. Facebook and Google's offices will open soon;
  2. The companies will allow for remote working until the end of 2020;
  3. Employees will decide for themselves where to perform their duties.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to switch to remote mode at home. The same applies to many departments of the biggest technology giants. According to latest reports, Facebook and Google will open their offices around the world in June and July, but will give their employees the choice and allow them to work in home office until the end of this calendar year. The boards of both companies have reported that employees who choose to work in the office will be able to feel safe, as all necessary safety standards to protect against coronavirus infection - including daily disinfection of the premises - will be maintained.

Facebook will launch its offices at the beginning of July, and Google will do so on June 1. It is worth noting that not only these companies decided to work remotely in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon has also expanded the possibilities of working to home office mode. In fact, the current situation has forced home office on employees of most companies around the world, not only those operating in the field of new technologies.

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