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News video games 25 March 2022, 15:02

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Fortnite Without Building is Here to Stay; There's Evidence

The ability to build has disappeared from Fortinte and apparently it will remain so. Data miners have found evidence of other modes with this restriction.

With the Monday's start new season of Fortnite there were a few changes to the game, the biggest of which was the temporary removal of the ability to build from the basic game mode. Data miners, however, found something suggesting that other gameplay modules will also be available in a variant that excludes building.

What's more, the changes will be permanent, and you will always be able to play with or without building, depending on your own preferences.

What are the game files hiding?

Two data miners who analyze Fortinte claim that there are indications in the game files that point to introduction of other game modes without building.

Fortnite Without Building is Here to Stay; Theres Evidence - picture #1
It looks like playlists will be time limited in the game.

Twea, in a subsequent tweet, specified that he also found information about Duo, Trio and Squads modes in the no-building variant.

Similar information was shared by another well-known leaker - HYPEX. His tweet reads:

Seems like Epic IS planning to keep a No-Building modes, here are some signs/proofs:

  1. There's SEPARATE No-Building modes that they can enable ANYTIME after this limited time event ends
  2. They changed most loading screen tips to say "In modes with building enabled ..."

Fortnite becoming just a battle royale? No way...

The changes regarding the removal of in-game building capabilities could immediately bring to mind that Epic Games is trying to sneak some fans from games like Warzone, or PUBG.

  1. Fortnite fans have also begun to divide into two camps - those who can't imagine playing without building, and those who like the change.
  2. There is no shortage of arguments under the posts of leakers as to who is right, although probably Epic Games' title will stabilize the issue of building in the game, we can expect this 'conflict' to die down in the future.

Nevertheless, no changes come easily, especially those that remove one of the fundamental game mechanics.