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News video games 26 January 2019, 11:29

author: Konrad Serafinski

Free Gold bars in Red Dead Online

Along with the update announcement, Rockstar Games studio has prepared five free gold bars for everyone who logs in to the RDO over the weekend.

Free Gold bars in Red Dead Online - picture #1
A real gold rush in Red Dead Online.

A very enjoyable weekend is coming up for all Red Dead Redemption 2 owners who like to play with other players. All this thanks to the surprise prepared for Red Dead Online users. With the announcement of the latest update, the developers promised to award five bars of gold to each player who logs in to the RDO from Friday (January 25th) to Sunday (January 27th). The gift is going to be delivered by Tuesday.

Let's not forget that Red Dead Online is still in beta phase. Gold is supposed to be a symbol of gratitude from the creators, for the fact that the players constantly share with them their feelings about the production. By the way, the producers informed that they have taken care of improving the new game mode, i.e. Gun Rush. In this mode of the game, which reminds a bit of battle royale, a matchmaking problem was noticed, so it was decided to introduce appropriate improvements. Finding users willing to play should be easier now.

You may also be interested in the information that the developers have updated the website dedicated to reactions and opinions of players about RDO. There was a section dedicated to Gun Rush mode. Rockstar studio ensures that it is constantly working on improvements to the title and expects feedback from the community. Further changes will come with the next updates.

Red Dead Redemption 2 debuted on 26 October 2018. The title went to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. About a month after the release, Rockstar released a beta version of Red Dead Online, a network module for the game. It is being said globally that RDR2 is one of the best games ever made in the gaming history.

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