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News hardware & software 13 December 2021, 16:09

author: Dawid Wanat

Gamers Prefer PS5 to Xbox X/S Series - Survey Leaves no Doubt

PlayStation 5 has more fans among gamers than Xbox Series X/S. This is according to a survey by DFC Intelligence, which brought some interesting conclusions.

It's no secret that the PlayStation 5 is winning the console war so far and besting Xbox Series X/S in popularity. Sony is following the proven path and betting on exclusives, such as the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7. A new game market survey confirms the interest of gamers in Sony's latest console.

DFC Intelligence conducted a survey, the results of which show a significant advantage of PlayStation 5 over Xbox. The survey was conducted in October and November. In addition, it also shows a strong gamer interest in Nintendo Switch.

The survey shows that 54% of people planning to buy a next-gen console would definitely not choose Xbox Series X/S, in the case of PlayStation 5, 34% of respondents answered "no". When it comes to choosing a console, the percentage of those preferring Sony's product is 42% compared to 26% for Microsoft devices.

In terms of performance both consoles look very similar. So why is there such large difference in the opinions of players? Sony follows a proven method and focuses primarily on exclusive games. These are the ones that drive console sales. New installments of God of War, Horizon and Gran Turismo are games anticipated by millions of gamers. Xbox doesn't have as strong an assortment of exclusive games - the exception being the recent Halo Infinite, which triumphed not only on console, but was also a big success on PC.

Sony has the edge when it comes to exclusive content, while Microsoft has Game Pass, which reigns not only on console, but also on PC. The subscriptions also gives PC users the opportunity to play the incredibly successful Forza Horizon 5 or the aforementioned Halo Infinite. Perhaps to some extent the decision to abandon the purchase of Microsoft consoles is influenced by the availability of their dedicated games on the PC.

DFC Intelligence's survey is not a fully authoritative study as it was conducted on a very small group of people. However, it gives an overview, from which several interesting conclusions can be drawn.

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