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News video games 05 September 2019, 16:21

author: Bart Swiatek

Green Hell Launches

Today, the survival game Green Hell from Creepy Jar, which challenges players to survive in the Amazon jungle, will officially debut on the market. The game has been available in Steam early access for a year now.

Can you survive in the Amazon jungle?

Today will be the official launch of the successful survival game Green Hell from the Polish studio Creepy Jar. The production will leave early access around noon (PT). The title was a great success in Early Access, although the number of people playing it now isn't exactly shocking. The creators have also released a trailer, on which they document the most important moments and changes that their game has undergone during the last year.

Green Hell is an FPP game that allows us to play the part of a man who has been left at the mercy of fate in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Our main task, of course, is survival - we must provide ourselves with water and food, learn how to make fire and build shelter. The game requires constant concentration and logical thinking. You need to have your eyes peeled, because there are various dangers waiting for our hero - he may fall victim to dangerous diseases, parasites and wild animals.

Creepy Jar's work is very popular with gamers - most (83%) of the reviews of the title on Steam are positive.

"Extremely difficult and promising survival game. You have to do something all the time, because it's very easy to die. The game is in Early Access and every few days there are updates expanding the title with new features. I highly recommend it :)," wrote Eggy.

"I played for a while. I built a house, killed a tiger, ate a man. I have an almost self-sufficient farm. I got lost in the jungle and lost my way for two hours. I'm waiting for story mode or the possibility of adding a floor to my house. In general, I highly recommend it - it will suck you in," praises user garlaen.

Green Hell is available only on PCs - the game can be bought on Steam for $19.99.

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Green Hell

Green Hell

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