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News video games 23 February 2021, 13:06

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Hellish Quart Praised for Realism by Expert Swordsman

The realism of Hellish Quart was evaluated by Matt Easton - an expert swordsman and instructor. According to him, the game is a good depiction of real duels.

  • The realism of Hellish Quart was assessed by a sword instructor;
  • According to him, the game is a credible reflection of 17th-century duels;
  • He especially pointed out the possibility of both characters dying in the duel at the same time.

Hellish Quart was described as a realistic sword dueling simulator set in the 17th century. Matt Easton, a sword expert and fencing teacher, has verified whether the game does a good job at depicting the duels from the past era. After watching clips presenting different variants of clashes, he came to the conclusion that the creators really put on as much realism as possible.

"It's absolutely clear to me that the developers of this game definitely have knowledge of historical fencing or HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). I'm 100% sure they've analyzed these various combat styles."

In the video, Easton points out, among other things, how believably the characters' movements were reflected. He notes they are very fluid and abound in half-way poses between blocking and attacking. The differences in combat styles between different types of blades were also very well presented. Easton's special attention was drawn to combat with rapier and sword. The creators have sensitively taken into account the differences in range or strength of the weapons, so that they managed to preserve their advantages and disadvantages, to which the player must adapt. The biggest positive surprise for Eaton was the fact that many battles end with the death of both characters. According to him such situations happened very often and too few games take them into account. In Hellish Quart such ending is quite common.

Hellish Quart is a work of Polish indie studio Kubold. Currently, the game is in early access on Steam. The title has gathered as much as 95% of positive feedback on the platform. It also enjoys a decent number of active players, of which we wrote in earlier news.

Hellish Quart

Hellish Quart

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