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News video games 03 December 2021, 12:48

author: Miriam Moszczynska

House Flipper's New DLC Sends One-man Renovation Crew to a Farm

House Flipper will receive a new DLC, titled Farm Flipper. Thanks to it, the player will be able not only to renovate the house, but also turn the property into a full-fledged farm.

  1. House Flipper will get a new DLC - Farm Flipper. Its release will take place at the end of 2022. The exact date is to be announced in the future;
  2. Thanks to the DLC, the player will be able to renovate farms, plant crops and breed various animals;
  3. The game will also feature new story quests, hundreds of farm-related items, horseback riding, and more.

Frozen District has announced a new expansion for House Flipper - Farm Flipper. The DLC will enable the players to renovate farms, breed animals, ride horses or set up fields. The expansion's exact release date has not yet been announced. So far we know only that it is to appear at the end of 2022.

House Flipper is a game in which we play the role of an investor, acting at the same time as a one-man renovation team. Our main task is to buy properties, renovate them and then sell at a profit. Thanks to the expansion announced by Frozen Disctrict, the list of tasks will become a bit wider.

"Farmer's life consists of lots of challenging tasks. Get ready for a makeover of your farm and prepare some proper living conditions for your animals! Feed, and water them, and they will become great companions on your farming journey! Build extensions of your houses to never run out of indoor space! Create your own plantations and watch your crops grow from the back of your horse! Unique environment, new orders, a bunch of farm-themed items, your own livestock, and more!," wrote PlayWay on its Facebook profile

If you do not like the descriptive presentation of new content, the creators of House Flipper have also released a trailer for the aforementioned DLC:

As you can see, the DLC, which is slated for late next year, will introduce quite a bit of new content, including, of course, the essential ability to pet animals.

Seriously though, and staying in the topic of animals - House Flipper will also receive another DLC soon, which will enable us to own a pet. The choice will not be limited only to a dog or a cat, because we will be offered many other popular pets.

House Flipper will be available on the following platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

House Flipper

House Flipper

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