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News video games 24 January 2019, 23:51

author: Vergil

Kingdom Hearts 3 collects high scores

Five days before the premiere of Kingdom Hearts III, its first ratings appeared on the web. The review shows that Square Enix provided a dignified culmination of a trilogy that began in 2002.

Square Enix wasn’t particularly worried about the quality of Kindom Hearts III and made it available to reviewers long before its release. Developers under the watchful eye of the famous Tetsuya Nomura seem to have done their homework, as evidenced by the average review score of their work, which, according to Metacritic, is now 88% (for the PlayStation 4 version). Before we go on to the list of first scores and discuss the most important pros and cons of this title, we would like to remind you that the game’s official release on Sony and Xbox One consoles will take place on January 29.

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As a fun fact, Winnie the Pooh may be the reason why Kingdom Hearts III could be censored in China – apparently some memes have compared him to general secretary Xi Jinping...

First reviews of Kingdom Hearts III

  1. XGN – 98/100
  2. Hobby Consolas – 95/100
  3. Game Informer – 95/100
  4. 3DJuegos – 90/100
  5. Atomix – 90/100
  6. USGamer – 90/100
  7. GamesBeat – 90/100
  8. IGN Italia – 90/100
  9. – 90/100
  10. Press Start Australia – 90/100
  11. Vandal – 90/100
  12. IGN – 87/100
  13. SpazioGames – 80/100
  14. GamesRadar+ – 80/100
  15. GameSpot – 80/100
  16. Eurogamer Italy – 80/100

Pros and Cons

Where is the ending?

Square Enix recently revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will receive the ending in an update, which will be released on January 30. This is to protect the title against spoiler leaks, in case such spoilers were to go online for some reason.

Among the most important advantages of Kingdom Hearts III, reviewers mention mainly the fact that even after almost seventeen years from the release of the first installment of the cycle, the franchise remains a unique phenomenon. In their opinion, the plot of this production, however absurd it may be, is a good, at least, culmination of the trilogy initiated in 2002, providing answers, if not to all, than to most of the questions tormenting the fans of the cycle. The creators managed to combine some of the solutions proposed years ago with modern gameplay elements. The strong point of the game is undoubtedly also the graphic design.

The cons include music, which stands out, negatively, from what the previous iterations of the cycle had us accustomed to, as well as the lack of a widely understood “oomph” in the plot. An editor of Polygon (whose review, due to lack of score, couldn’t be placed on our list) also claims that Kingdom Hearts III could have involved its players a bit more in the story. Not everyone will like the fact that the title is more an evolution than a revolution.

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Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

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