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News video games 18 December 2015, 11:16

author: luckie

LEGO Worlds updated with split-screen co-op mode

LEGO Worlds now offers split-screen co-op mode for two players. This new feature is a part of the Update 4 released through the Beta Branch on Steam.

LEGO Worlds updated with split-screen co-op mode - picture #1
You can now play LEGO Worlds together with a friend on a single PC.

Traveller’s Tale released another update for ther Early Access multiplayer sandbox game LEGO Worlds. The main feature introduced in the Update 4 is split-screen co-op mode for two players. In order to add (or kick) the second player into your current session just press F2 button – but first make sure that an extra controller is in.

What’s more, this next update adds are a couple dozen new bricks, which you can obviously use to build something awesome. There are also new characters, creatures, vehicles, items, and, most importantly, a brand new weapon, which is said to be “the perfect complement to split-screen and will bring even more colour to your worlds”.

Note that the Update 4 is available in Beta Branch on Steam, so the patch must be downloaded manually (here is the instruction on how to do that). Of course you are free to stick to the Update 3 version until the new one is fully released, but that will happen only after the holiday break. All the changes and fixes are discussed at this address.

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds

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