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Most popular News - December 2015

LEGO Worlds updated with split-screen co-op mode

luckie, 18 December 2015, 11:16

LEGO Worlds now offers split-screen co-op mode for two players. This new feature is a part of the Update 4 released through the Beta Branch on Steam.

Lack of The Witcher sequel would not be fair towards the fans – says CD Projekt's Joint CEO

Lukasz Malik, 04 December 2015, 19:48

The Witcher 3 received the most important award at The Game Awards gala. On this occassion, the joint CEO of the company was interviewed and he confirmed that The Witcher is a franchise that will not let us quickly forget about itself.

Escape from Tarkov new details emerged; closed beta starts early 2016

luckie, 10 December 2015, 13:44

Some new tasty details emerged on Escape from Tarkov, a story-driven MMO with elements of FPS/TPS and RPG. The game will launch on Steam in its entirety in the second quarter of 2016.

Terra Invicta is a new strategy game from XCOM: Long War mod creators

luckie, 29 December 2015, 11:16

Creators of a huge XCOM: Enemy Unknown mod, XCOM: Long War, are making a new game. Terra Invicta is going to be a humans-vs-aliens grand strategy. The project will soon make its way to Kickstarter.

Escape from Tarkov available for pre-ordering

luckie, 30 December 2015, 10:57

MMO shooter Escape from Tarkov is now available for pre-ordering on its official website. Each of the several pre-order editions offer access to closed beta.

New historical Total War in pre-production - says Creative Assembly

Christopher Mysiak, 03 December 2015, 14:39

During the press presentation of Total War: Warhammer held recently, Creative Assembly revealed that another (eleventh) Total War game is already in pre-production.

StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops available for pre-purchase

luckie, 02 December 2015, 12:32

You can now pre-order Nova Covert Ops, a 3-episode mission bundle for StarCraft II. The expansion, whose first part is going to arrive in January 2016, will not require the base game to play.

Dying Light to get a Legendary Leveling system in a free update

luckie, 22 December 2015, 14:41

The newest video released by Techland reveals a Legendary Leveling system that is soon going to be introduced to Dying Light in the game’s Enhanced Edition and the free update to the vanilla version.

King's Quest Chapter 2 coming out in two weeks

luckie, 02 December 2015, 12:10

December 15, 2015 marks the release date of King's Quest - Rubble Without a Cause – the second chapter in the episodic adventure game developed by The Odd Gentlemen and published by Sierra Games.

Sword Coast Legends got the second big update – introduced a new sub-race, deity, loot system, and more

luckie, 09 December 2015, 14:22

Sword Coast Legends got bigger thanks to the recently released Community Pack II. This brings about a new sub-race, diety, loot system, and other features

American Truck Simulator will arrive on February 2016

luckie, 18 December 2015, 13:04

American Truck Simulator is going to hit PC on February 3rd, 2016. The first portion of the game will feature several trucks and the state of California. More content should arrive in the future.

Planetary Landing available now in Elite: Dangerous - Horizons Beta

luckie, 01 December 2015, 13:33

Elite: Dangerous received a Beta version of Horizons DLC pack. Planetary Landings is the first portion of the expansions program, which will be officially released later this month.

Dark Souls III PC minimum and recommended system requirements revealed

luckie, 17 December 2015, 13:24

Dark Souls III PC system requirements were revealed. See if your computer can run the next installment in the popular series of brutal action-RPGs.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gets a Steam page which says the game will hit PC in January

luckie, 28 December 2015, 12:31

Rise of the Tomb Raider is most probably going to hit PC in January 2016, if we are to believe the game’s Steam page and some recent leaks.

Video Game Awards 2015 recap – game of the year title goes to The Witcher 3

luckie, 04 December 2015, 12:29

Our Video Game Awards 2015 recap has everything you need in case you missed the actual show or want to go over the essentials again: the award winners, fresh announcements, and new game trailers.

Fallout 4 on PC received public update 1.2, the patch disables mods though

luckie, 08 December 2015, 14:14

The first non-beta patch for Fallout 4 is now available on PC. However, the new game launcher disables all active mods. Fans have already invented some workarounds for this problem.

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear to come in early 2016

luckie, 16 December 2015, 12:37

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear will be released in early 2016. This big, story-driven expansion to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is now content complete and should arrive soon.

Psychonauts 2 announced at VGA, coming in Fall 2018

luckie, 04 December 2015, 11:12

Double Fine launched crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2, a sequel to a warmly received 3D platform video game from 2005. The game will hit PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Fall 2016.

Arma III Nexus Update is live

luckie, 03 December 2015, 11:45

Arma III has just got bigger thanks to the most recent Nexus Update. The patch expanded multiplayer mode End Game, improved essential gameplay mechanics, provided a useful tool for modding, and more.

Battlefield 4 free Legacy Operations DLC gets a cinematic trailer

luckie, 11 December 2015, 11:40

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC received a cinematic trailer. The DLC will introduce a new version of the Dragon Valley, a multiplayer map from Battlefield 2.