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News video games 08 June 2022, 13:17

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Minecraft 1.19 Isn't Bad, but Mojang Takes Flak for Communication

Facing the release of Minecraft version 1.19, fans have spoken out again. While the criticism of The Wild Update is not focused on the content itself, the communication with the developers is taking significant flak.

Yesterday Minecraft received The Wild Update. We've written many times about how much of its content did not satisfy the players. However, as it turned out, the fault does not lie entirely in the update itself. The community blames mostly the communication with the developer, or rather the lack of it.

The Wild Update isn't so bad

Players have accepted that The Wild Update will not be groundbreaking in terms of content. Nevertheless some of those commenting on the update's description are happy that the next version of Minecraft has finally landed. Although it is still important to remember that Minecraft 1.19 is still far from perfect.

Despite everything, this update is still great in my opinion. Most of the bad rep about this update isn’t the content of the update, but the external thing like promises from the devs. The update still has issues, namely: echo shards don’t need to exist, goat horns are lacklustre considering they were delayed twice (they were in 1.17 bedrock betas and did nearly the same thing), and I still think allays need an item like a bottle of allay to store them. But overall, it’s fun and cool. In fact it’s more of an exploration update part 2 than a caves and cliffs part 3," wrote Harrooga.

"I'm really excited for the new wood type, I love red and I've been wanting a wood this shade for awhile. There are a few other things I think are neat, and look forward to using. I'm just disappointed I let Mojang get my hopes up for other things, and hope they stop over promising in the future," wrote Ihavenospecialskills.

"It's ok to like the update. The content is good. The problem is what this update is supposed to be," wrote Disastrous-Energy526.

It is possible that the satisfaction is caused by the fact that we are getting closer to version 1.20, which will perhaps restore Mojang's good name. Although this is yet to be revealed.

"Now instead of playing this update, let's start speculating right away what 1.20 will be!," wrote Rahi5678.

Minecraft 1.19 has its weaker moments

In this regard, the most frequently criticised are items that have only one use, such as the aforementioned echo shards, goat horn or fragments of a music disk that enable us to create a new record.

Controversial is also the matter of loot acquired in Ancient City. According to the community the content is not interesting enough to visit this location more than once. The situation is similar with the Deep Dark biome - it is also not as good as the players expected.

These complaints can be simply summarized in one sentence: Minecraft 1.19 lacks uniqueness.

But the communication is a mess

Reading these comments, you can't help but think that Mojang screwed up. If it weren't for the promises of the eagerly awaited skylights and birch trees, it's very possible that The Wild Update would have been received very differently.. There were also mentions of the once promised archaeology, which the players are still waiting for.

ExpertInBeingAScrub In his rather long and, as he described it himself, brutal opinion about Minecraft 1.19, he also mentioned one aspect that hasn't been addressed so far - the feedback page.

"Mojang takes feedback mostly from the feedback page, and have many announced features from it. Then why is it that the site is so bad?! Most posts get deleted for no apparent reason, and new posts get drowned out by more popular but older posts. I think the feedback site needs a major rework, and be referenced more often. Perhaps in mc live where more people can know about the site. Then there would be a bigger part of the community able to voice feedback and suggestions to Minecraft."

Could it be, then, that The Wild Update, instead of helping to improve the world of Minecraft ends up improving communication between the community and the developers? Looking at the number of comments mentioning this topic it seems very possible.

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