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News video games 24 May 2022, 13:29

author: Julia Dragovic

Mojang's Overpromising; Here's What Won't Appear in Minecraft 1.19

We now know what to expect from The Wild Update, the patch that will come to Minecraft with version 1.19. There are quite a few items, but for most the update is disappointing.

As Minecraft is in the final stretch before the release of The Wild Update, one player has decided to gather all the new items and creatures that are coming to the game in one place.

Minecraft and The Wild Update

As we can see on the screenshot below, the list is shorter than you might expect. Some of the items are well-known blocks, only that created from a different kind of wood.

Source: Reddit

You can check out the full list of items at Minecraft Wiki, and below you will find a list of the most interesting new elements.

  1. A new biome - Mangrove Swamp. Along with it, a new type of trees and more blocks (such as mud) have been added to the game. On the swamp we will also encounter frogs, which are also new in Minecraft.
  2. Ancient City - a new structure that can be found at level -52. In the city you will come across items that are not available on the "surface", such as echo shard or a block called sculk. Ancient City also has its own mob, which is aggressive towards the player - Warden.
  3. In turn, the new companion in The Wild Update is Allay. A creature that can follow the player and collect items for them.
  4. What's more, a new compass has appeared in Minecraft, indicating where the player has died, as well as a new music CD, and a horn for playing.

More like The Mild Update

Perhaps this is a bit monothematic, and fans of Minecraft have already accepted the disappointing truth about the new version of the game. The Wild Update was supposed to bring a lot of new features that we didn't ultimately see. Below you will find a list of Mojang's "promises":

  1. Skylights,
  2. Rework of the birch biome (although the refreshment of others was also announced),
  3. Archaeological excavations,
  4. Bundles - an item visually similar to a purse, it was supposed to allow for storing various items.

Of course, the list seems short compared to what we will receive in the update, but these are indeed completely new features.

At this point, the biggest drawback of The Wild Update emerges - it is simply boring. Players have received one swampy biome; new items have appeared, including some with only one use; the things we can get in Ancient City don't encourage us to revisit Deep Dark, etc.

The Minecraft community has to swallow the bitter pill, clench its fists and wait for the next updates. Why? Well, with the release of the first pre-release update the content we'll be getting in The Wild Update has been "sealed". Staying on the topic, it's worth noting that yesterday the second update from this "series" appeared. It introduces mainly technical fixes.

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