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News video games 07 June 2022, 12:35

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Minecraft The Wild Update Launches; List of Major New Features

Today marks the release of another major Minecraft update. Players will get their hands on The Wild Update, which will add a highly anticipated mob to the game, among other things.

  • Today Minecraft will receive another update;
  • The Wild Update will enrich the game with new biomes, mobs and structures;
  • Also today, the Microsoft store will combine both versions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock, into a single release.

Today Minecraft will get another update. We are talking about The Wild Update, which is the first major patch since the big Caves & Cliffs. It should be released at 7 am PT.

The update is not as impressive a milestone in the development of the game as the previous update, but it should appeal to players who have been waiting for new biomes and locations.

What's new in update 1.19

The Wild Update has been met with a fair amount of criticism due to the limited number of innovations that will introduce to the game. Some Minecraft fans were disappointed that it didn't live up to the previous major update.

However, this does not mean that The Wild Update will not deliver a decent dose of novelties. Below you will find the highlights.

  1. A new type of swampy biome, the mangrove forest. The region will be filled with many new blocks, led by a new type of wood.
  2. Deep Dark biome consisting of caves located deep under the surface of the earth. In this area, an Ancient City can be generated, which is a completely new structure full of hidden treasures.
  3. Warden, which is a new hostile mob. He is an extremely tough opponent, found in the Deep Dark biome.
  4. Allay, which is a new mob that can be our companion. After giving him any item, he is able to collect other objects of this type from the area.
  5. Tadpoles and frogs, which are new passive mobs that appear in the swamps.
  6. Several new items (including a compass indicating the place of our last death and a goat horn).
  7. Many bug fixes.

It is also worth mentioning that with the release of the update Microsoft store will combine Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. From now on, players will not have to choose between these two.

Instead, Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, a bundle of both variants of the game, will be available for sale. People who have already had the opportunity to purchase the game in either version will receive the second one for free.

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