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News video games 19 August 2021, 12:51

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Fan Recreates Minecraft Blocks in Real Fife

Minecraft fans create not only in the game. User whathowwy from Reddit created real-life versions of the grass and glass blocks, despite a language mistake.

Minecraft fans have repeatedly shown off their creativity and patience. As a result, we got some extremely detailed locations, impressive constructions, amazing devices and other strange or interesting initiatives. However, the virtual world is not enough for some players. This includes Reddit user known as whathowwy, who recreated blocks of grass and glass from Minecraft in real life. The former was created by mistake - an internet user misread "glass block" as "grass block".

In the case of the grassy variant, whathowwy simply dug up a block of dirt with appropriately trimmed vegetation (albeit it took him some time to find the right "cube"). For the "glass" variant, the user had to create a cube of epoxy resin, which he then filled with water. You can see the effects of his work below.

Fan Recreates Minecraft Blocks in Real Fife - picture #1
Source: whathowwy on Reddit.

We have to admit that it may not be as impressive as the creations created in the game over long days, weeks or even months or years. Nevertheless, it shows that fans of Minecraft are willing to move their passion beyond the game. It's possible that whathowwy will also take on the task of recreating more blocks - both posts on Reddit won him quite a few fans, who were probably eager to see more real versions of the cubes from their beloved virtual sandbox.

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