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News guides 29 May 2023, 15:20

author: Adam Adamczyk

Mystery of Cursed Forest Hunter in V Rising Solved; Servants Explained

Many players are having trouble getting servants from Cursed Forest in V Rising. What is the problem?

V Rising is a very popular game in which, as a vampire, you fight enemies, collect valuable materials and level up your character. There are quite a few interesting mechanics in the game, and one of them is the possibility to acquire servants, thanks to which you get various bonuses. Discussions have heated up among players regarding how to get Servants in Cursed Forest. We decided to delve deeper into this topic.

Servants in V Rising

To begin with, we will introduce what is the Servant system in V Rising. While exploring the world, we can not only defeat the enemies we encounter, but also turn them into servants. For this to be possible, we must have a castle with stone walls and a coffin.

Captured people can have various Blood types, which offer various bonuses. For example Savage Servant makes it easier to hunt in the wilderness, a Rogue Servant reduces the difficulty of hunting in locations inhabited by monsters.

We also gain an additional bonus in specific regions from which the captured person comes. We receive a bonus for obtaining resources from the location where we captured the servant.

Cursed Forest Servants in V Rising

A great many players are having trouble getting the Cursed Forest Hunter. Some of them report that servants must be obtained from spider cocoons. The problem is, that those obtained through this method are random, and the whole process is based on luck. However, there is also no shortage of accounts from fans who have obtained dozens of minions in this way and find that none of them had this trait. So, the theory with cocoons is very uncertain.

Another potential way is to turn the Cursed Forest werewolf into a servant. However, in this case, too, the players found that these creatures did not have this property, or at least that was the case until recently.

The latest update, Gloomrot, has made some changes when it comes to these creatures. They are not visible in the patch notes, but have been noticed by players. For example, they can now be locked in cages and do not get out of them after turning into their animal form. Some fans claim that if a werewolf is now transformed into a servant, you can get a Cursed Forest Hunter.

We have not had the opportunity to test this ourselves, however, it seems likely, otherwise all that remains is to wait for the next update. However, we leave the experimentation to you.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have prepared a guide that explores the significant mechanics introduced in the recent update. To learn the details, we invite you to refer to the V Rising Gloomrot Guide. Within its pages, you will discover valuable insights on a variety of new resources, formidable bosses, and other thrilling elements that have been incorporated to enhance your gameplay experience.

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