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News movies & tv series 19 March 2020, 19:48

author: Milosz Szubert

Netflix Party Enables us to Watch TV Shows With Our Friends Over the Internet

This is Netflix Party - a special extension for the Google Chrome browser, which enables us to watch movies and shows from the popular VoD website together with others over the web. This is a convenient solution, especially in the face of quarantine.

In recent weeks, the life cycle of many people has been forcibly changed. Due to the recommendations of health institutions they are stuck in their homes. Fortunately for those who miss social contact, especially watching films or show together with their friends and commenting on them, there are some ways to meet up in the virtual world. One of them is Netflix Party.

If you miss watching movies with your friends, Netflix Party can be a good solution.
  1. Netflix Party is one of the ways to watch movies together over the net.
  2. It's a Google Chrome only extension available to owners of a Netflix account.

Netflix Party has been on the market for about a year. This special extension for the Google Chrome browser (and unfortunately only for it), enables group sessions of items from the Netflix library and chatting via a chat that has a lot of personalization options (variable avatars, nicknames, emoticons etc.). How does this even work, you ask? First, all people who want to participate in the event must install the extension. Then the host chooses a movie, clicks on the extension icon in the browser next to the address bar, and then chooses Start Party. The link generated in this way is sent out to our friends who need to access it and then also press the Netflix Party icon and that's it. Now everyone can enjoy a movie or TV show in HD together and comment on it. Attention! All participants must have a Netflix account.

For some, the problem with Netflix Party may be a slight delay in the picture between the host and the other members of the party. All because it streams the program to the rest of the crew. In most cases, however, it shouldn't get in the way of fun.

The use of Netflix Party is free. However, the creators of the extension can be supported on Patreon with 5 dollars.

Netflix Party is available only for Chrome browser users on PC and laptops.

Netflix Party is not the only way to watch movies and shows from popular streaming platforms together. Among others we can mention Scener or Kast (via Decider). However, the advantage of Google Chrome's extension discussed here is that it does not require setting up additional accounts. Therefore, it is extremely popular and has been downloaded over a million times in total.

  1. Netflix Party extension - official website
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