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News hardware & software 25 May 2020, 14:49

author: Smoczy

New AMD Radeon GPU Much Faster and With Ray Tracing

A leaks suggest that the upcoming AMD cards will be much more efficient than their predecessors. The new Radeons are also expected to offer ray tracing support.

AMD's new products promise to be really interesting.

There have been leaks on the web about new graphics cards from AMD. HardwareLeaks posted an entry containing all information about the upcoming Radeons. Please note that this is unofficial data, so we cannot be sure of the reliability of the provided materials.

The hyped Navi 21 is to be equipped with 80 CU (computing units) and provide 50% better performance per watt than its predecessor. 4 gaming versions of this chipset are to be available in sale:

  • Navi21 XTX - equivalent to RX 5700 XT 50th anniversary
  • Navi21 XT - equivalent to RX 5700 XT
  • Navi21 XL - equivalent to RX 5700
  • Navi21 XE - equivalent to RX 5600 XT

PRO versions:

  1. Navi21 Pro-XT - equivalent to Radeon Pro W5700X
  2. Navi21 Pro-XL - equivalent of Radeon Pro W5700

It is worth mentioning that the source also mentions Apple. The giant from Cupertino is to be interested in AMD's new products, wanting to implement them in its devices.

  1. Navi21 XTA - this chip will probably be used in iMac/iMac Pro refresh
  2. Navi21 XLA - this chip will probably be used in iMac/iMac Pro refresh
  3. Navi21 Pro- XTA - this chip will probably be used with the Mac Pro
  4. Navi21 Pro-XLA - this is the chip is most likely to be used in Mac Pro

There is also information about Navi 10 refreshing. Mid-range products are expected to become more efficient and provide better energy efficiency. The chips in question are:

  1. Navi10 XT - will replace RX 5700 XT
  2. Navi10 XM - will replace RX 5600M
  3. Navi10 XTE - will replace RX 5600 XT
Hardware support for ray tracing.

The RDNA2 family is designed to offer hardware support for ray tracing. AMD already announced in March that the new products will offer much better performance.

How much of this information will be true? We'll see.

  1. AMD - official website
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