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News video games 28 April 2021, 20:19

author: Jacob Blazewicz

NiOh is a Success; Team Ninja Plans a New Game

NiOh 2 has already been purchased by 2 million users. The success of the game and the entire series was boasted by Team Ninja, which apparently is already working on another title.

After the successful launch of the complete release of NiOh 2 on PC in February, the devs report another success. Team Ninja boasted selling 2 million copies of the second installment of NiOh. Thus, buyers bought a total of 5 million copies of both installments of the samurai series.

The devs definitely have reasons to celebrate, although selling 5 million copies of two games pales in comparison to the results of the industry's biggest bestsellers. It must be remembered that soulslike titles are still quite niche. Most of the genre's representatives stick to the blueprint developed by From Software, which includes a difficulty level that is, for one reason or another, much higher than in typical modern video games, which discourages many buyers. Even the Dark Souls series took nine years and three instalments (plus a remaster and an expanded edition) to reach 27 million copies sold.

In the above context, selling 5 million copies of both NiOhs since 2017 in the absence of a PvP mode falls to be considered quite a success for Team Ninja. In any case, it was enough for the studio to start working in peace on the next project, which the devs mentioned in the message informing about the success of the NiOh series. Perhaps soon, the developers will reveal something more about this unannounced title, although we already know that it definitely won't be NiOh 3. Let's also remember that Team Ninja is preparing a complete edition of the Ninja Gaiden series, which will finally arrive on PC.

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