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News special offers 17 March 2021, 22:31

author: Michael Kulakowski

Sony Reveals 10 More Free Play at Home Games, Including Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony presented a list of ten more productions, which, as part of the Play at Home initiative, will be available for free to our library of games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Among the titles included in the action are the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn and Subnautica.

The Play at Home initiative was first launched last year. It was meant to encourage gamers to stay home and quarantine themselves due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sony then enabled PlayStation 4 owners to add games like Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to their libraries for free. This year, the campaign is back in force and began earlier this month. As part of it, all PSN account holders can still become owners of 2016's Ratchet & Clank until April 1. Today, however, Sony revealed a list of ten more titles that we'll be able to download over the next two months.

Starting on March 23 and until April 23, PlayStation console owners will be able to add a total of nine full versions of games to their collections, four of which work with PlayStation VR goggles. Highlights include the popular survival game Subnautica, roguelike shoot 'em up Enter the Gungeon, rhythm game REZ Infinite, and award-winning puzzle game The Witness. For VR games, look out for the extremely praised Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. From April 20 to May 15 we can download the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn. This hit title obviously doesn't have to be introduced to any PlayStation fan.

Play at Home - free games on PlayStation

  1. Ratchet & Clank - until April 1
  2. Abzu - from March 23 to April 23
  3. Enter the Gungeon - from March 23 to April 23
  4. Rez Infinite - from March 23 to April 23
  5. Subnautica - from March 23 to April 23
  6. The Witness - from March 23 to April 23
  7. Thumper (PS4/PS5 and PSVR) - from March 23 to April 23
  8. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (PSVR only) - from March 23 to April 23
  9. Moss (PSVR only) - from March 23 to April 23
  10. Paper Beast (PSVR only) - from March 23 to April 23
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - from April 20 to May 15

Let's emphasize that all PSN account holders will get access to the games. We do not even have to theoretically own a console, because the games can be "purchased" through the PlayStation mobile app or the browser version of PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus subscribers who already have them in their library thanks to the subscription, will also be able to get permanent dibs on the games.

  1. PlayStation - official website
  2. Ratchet & Clank - official website
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