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News video games 08 February 2021, 15:05

author: Bart Swiatek

Player Reaches End of the World in Valheim, Instantly Regrets

One of Valheim players has discovered what lies at the edge of the world. Unfortunately, learning this secret had tragic consequences for their character.


  1. One player discovered what lies at the edge of the game world in Valheim;
  2. There's an abyss and the sea is just pouring out - kind of like in Terry Prachett's Discworld.

GameStar reports that one curious player of Valheim, the indie survival game that's currently breaking records on Steam, has discovered one of the game's secrets. The user found out what hides at the edge of the world. Unfortunately, his character came to pay a high price for this knowledge, because he died shortly after learning it.

It's all because the world of Valheim is constructed a bit like the universe of Terry Pratchett's famous fantasy novel series - Discworld. The game world is as flat as a pancake and there's no barrier blocking the way at its end. Instead, when sailing, some point we'll reach the point where the sea spills into nothingness. The problem is that once we see this point, it's too late to turn the boat around - the current carries us away and we are doomed to die in the abyss. Curiosity, you see, is the first step... somewhere down below. In this case maybe not to hell, but certainly not to Valhalla either.

We remind that Valheim debuted a few days ago in Steam's Early Access program. The developers have ambitious plans for their work.

  1. Valheim - official website
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