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News hardware & software 17 April 2019, 13:10

author: Christian Pieniazek

PS5 Confirmed with Ultra-Fast SSD

The new console by Sony will be equipped with a fast SSD to completely change the gaming experience. In addition, the Japanese giant shared first details about the new PlayStation, and also revealed that selected developers had already put their hands on PS5 dev-kits.

Wired visited Sony (located in Foster City, California), where they learned the first facts about the next generation of Japanese consoles. PlayStation 5 is officially on the road, and the main architect of this system is Mark Cerny (who also played this role on PlayStation 4). So far, the console exists in the form of so-called dev-kits, and a large number of game developers have received access to it. Cerny argues that it will not only be an update of the previous generation, but a real step forward in terms of "next-gen". One of the most important things that made this possible was the implementation of SSD, which is faster than drives we use in common PCs. Although it has not yet been revealed who will be its manufacturer, we know how it can influence the gameplay (or rather to what extent it will change it).

Mark Cerny has also revealed other details of the new PlayStation 5 specification that can be found here.

PS5 Confirmed with Ultra-Fast SSD - picture #1
Mark Cerny demonstrated the capabilities of SSD on the example of Spider-Man by Insomniac Games.

Players who complain about long loading screens of PlayStation 4 games can breathe a sigh of relief as they will be significantly shortened thanks to the implementation of this technology. Cerny demonstrated its abilities on the example of last year's Spider-Man. On PlayStation 4 Pro, the fast journey from one end of Manhattan to the other takes fifteen seconds; when you start the game on a PlayStation 5 dev-kit edition (which is an early, "slower" version), the same action takes less than a second (0.8 seconds to be precise).

In addition, SSD implementation will affect the speed of rendering elements of the depicted world, and thus the speed at which the player will be able to move around it. To illustrate the difference, Cerny once again used Spider-Man, where on PlayStation 4 Pro the camera can move around Manhattan at about the same speed as the Spider-Man, while on the PlayStation 5 dev-kit edition it runs through the streets of New York "like a jet".

Finally, it is worth noting that SSDs were requested by developers themselves. Sony has been asking devs about what they would like to see in the company's new console since 2015. As Cerny has revealed, many of them thought it seemed too good to be true.

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