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News hardware & software 16 August 2020, 16:56

author: Dameredet

PS5 Will Run Games in Native 4K

Developers working with PlayStation 5 confirm that running 4K games on the console is not a problem.

PS5 games will run in native 4K after all

A few days ago, there was a rumor on the web that PlayStation 5 would have problems supporting games in native 4k resolution. However, it turns out that the insider, DuskGolem, lied.

After an ResetEra forum insider found out that the PS5 has problems with native 4K, the user were flooded with questions asking for more details. It soon came to light that DuskGolem was lying. Reddit users wonder if other information he revealed were a lie, such as the new Resident Evil.

DuskGolem was quickly subjected to "Internet ostracism". In response, he posted 10 tweets in which he explains that, contrary to popular opinion, he is not a fan of Xbox, does not have even one game for Xbox One, and is not too worried about the criticism, because it does not concern him, but his image created by hostile Internet users.

There are more reports on Twitter about the poor performance of Sony's new console. One of them - giving an example of Quantum Error - was denied by the developers themselves. TeamKill Media announced that the not yet optimised title runs on PlayStation 5 in 4K in 65-70 frames per second.

Unfortunately, Sony's silence supports the spread of rumors. The company has so far revealed relatively little information about the upcoming PlayStation. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has not even confirmed the release date of its new hardware.

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