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News video games 10 September 2021, 21:48

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Red Dead Online's New Update Brings Another Disappointment for Fans

New content added to Red Dead Online once again disappointed fans of the game. This time it's the third installment of Quick Draw Club - its challenges can be completed in a few hours, and there's nothing to do after that.

We know that the updates for Red Dead Online are far from those that GTA Online gets. If anyone was hoping that something would change after the patch titled Blood Money, then we have to disappoint them. Available since Tuesday, Quick Draw Club No. 3 didn't met with a very warm reception from the community. On RDO's subreddit players complain mainly about the scarce amount of new content; after all, all the new rewards can be unlocked in a few hours, and after that there's nothing left to do. And while there are some who think it's been worse, it's hard to expect such engaging challenges to keep fans waiting for the next big update, which we probably won't see this year.

"I finished it in 5 hours and now I got nothing to do," said Camano321 (source: Reddit).

"This pass was kinda meh. I liked the last pass but this pass just feels kinda bland," said Albert_The_First (source: Reddit).

Players also complain about the quality of the items they receive as rewards. Commenters have been fairly unanimous in throwing around terms such as 'average', 'disappointing', 'old' and 'recycled' when it comes to rewards such as the Bagshot Knife, Layham Jacket, Chatsworth Vest and Goggle Mask. Accessing them seems not worth the 25 gold bars they cost (even if you do eventually get them back). One would like to say: rewards appropriate to challenges.

"I was excited until I bought it and saw the rewards," said naenref76 (source: Reddit).

"Mediocre/bad. Cool wraps, decent knife, nothing else. Very lackluster," said naenref76 (source: Reddit).

No wonder then that many players find it hard to get over how Rockstar is wasting the potential of Red Dead Online. Suffice it to say that as I write this message, on Steam RDO is played by about 3.8 thousand people, while GTA Online by over 91 thousand. If this continues, the online mode servers may simply be shut down. Unless the game's infrequent and disappointing updates have something to do with the supposedly emerging GTA Remastered Trilogy and after the release of the package the things in RDO will take a 180-degree turn.

Anyway, all we know at this point is that Quick Draw Club No. 3 will be available until October 4, and the day after that, the final edition will begin, with challenges available for about three and a half weeks to complete. Purchasing all four installments of Quick Draw Club is supposed to guarantee a reward - a free Halloween Pass 2 and all the content it offers.

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