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News video games 24 May 2021, 21:26

author: Agnes Adamus

Rumor: Nioh Devs Working on Final Fantasy Origins for PS5 and PC

More rumors about yet unannounced Final Fantasy game. It is to be subtitled Origins and inspired by the Dark Souls series. Team Ninja known from the Nioh series is responsible for its development. Initially, it's supposed to launch on PS5, and later also on PC.

A few days ago we wrote about rumors related to the next spin-off installment of Final Fantasy. At that time there was only a mention that such a title exists and it will be a PS5 exclusive. Now, further unofficial information about Square Enix's title has surfaced on the Internet. They reveal that the game will be called Final Fantasy Origins and Team Ninja, the devs of Nioh series, will be responsible for its development. The launch is to take place on PS5, but later it will also appear on PC.

The source of the leak is the French user SoulsHunt, publishing information about the game industry on Twitter. From his post and a video published on YouTube it appears that Final Fantasy Origins will be a soulslike game. He compared it to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. He also emphasized that the title will be officially announced during this year's E3.

These words are also confirmed by a former editor of Game Informer Imran Khan, who has previously shared verified information (including Demon's Souls' release date). Navtra, the source of the first rumor about the title, also agrees with SoulsHunt. However, ResetEra forum's user specified that the game will be inspired by the Dark Souls series.

Collaboration between Team Ninja and Square Enix is not something completely unlikely. Both companies have already cooperated on the development of games from the Final Fantasy series. As a result, among others, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was released.

It should be borne in mind that these are still just rumors. Although Imran Khan and Navtra can be considered reliable sources, we still need to take their statements with a grain of salt. E3 is coming soon, so all these revelations should be verified in the near future.

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