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News hardware & software 23 November 2019, 15:20

author: Konrad Serafinski

Rumors About Removable PS5 SSDs Were Bogus - Patents Concerned Toys

Reports that PlayStation 5 will have removable SSDs have turned out to be false. That's what TweakTown says, which proved that Sony's patents were related with Toio toy parts.

Unfortunately, there will be no SSD cartridges for PS5.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the beautiful dream of Sony fans will not come true. PlayStation 5 will not support any sort of portable SSDs. Yes, the Japanese have registered another patent, but the solution is going to be used in a new line of Toio toys, and is not (as many speculated) intended for PS5 owners. Such information was provided by TweakTown, thus denying previous rumors. The confirmation of this state of affairs is the commercial which presents the new "cartridges" for toys. You can watch it below (note - video is in Japanese).

It is also worth mentioning that patents may be registered 'just in case' and concern a solution which will not be used by the company in the nearest future. It's a bit of a pity that these drives won't be a part of your PlayStation 5. The vision of choosing an SSD and buying it seemed really interesting. On the other hand, TweakTown indicates that such solution would not make much sense for Sony.

Unfortunately, the patent of portable SSDs was related with Sony Toio toys, not PlayStation 5 gaming platform.

First of all, it would cost a fortune to create SSDs that are only console-oriented. Secondly, why should players use them if there are more portable drives available on the market that can be connected to multiple devices (unless Sony would impose some restrictions)? Once again, we remind you to be very cautious about any leaks and new patents. Anyway, something tells me that Sony will once again use this solution (or similar) in the future console platforms - SSD cartridges for PS6?

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