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News hardware & software 04 March 2019, 16:38

author: Aquma

Ryzen 3000 CPU Models and Prices Leaked

One of the Singaporean stores has accidentally revealed the possible prices of Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. While the info is not confirmed, it does match the data that leaked last December.

Ryzen 3000 CPU Models and Prices Leaked - picture #1
More rumors about the prices of Ryzen 3000 processors.

This year we will see the debut of the third generation of Ryzen processors from AMD. The 3000 series will most likely be presented at Computex 2019 in Taiwan (to be held on May 28-June 6, 2019). Leak from a Singaporean shop reveals the possible prices of the CPUs in question.

For example, Ryzen 3600 - the successor of the popular 2600 model - was valued at 271 Singaporean dollars. For a stronger Ryzen 7 3700 you will have to pay 455 Singaporean dollars. The strongest units - the sixteen-core and thirty-two-thread Ryzens 7 3800X and 3850X - are listed at 684 and 760 Singaporean dollars respectively.

The third generation CPUs of the Ryzen series will be produced in 7nm lithography. The improvement of the production process should allow for, among other things, increased clock rates of individual cores - in the case of the strongest 3850X model it should be about 5.1 GHz in Boost mode , which is a significant number, especially considering that we are talking about a processor that has the number of cores and threads equal to a powerful Threadripper (a very expensive CPU dedicated to workstations).

You can read the complete list below. It is worth noting that the discussed information is not yet confirmed, so it should be treated with caution. On the other hand, the news coincides roughly with what we wrote about in December - so maybe there is a grain of truth in it. If Ryzen 3000 CPUs really make their debut at such prices, they can cause a commotion in the market, especially as they will support the same socket as the current AMD CPUs (AM4).

Ryzen 3000 CPU Models and Prices Leaked - picture #2
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