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News video games 26 September 2022, 18:24

New Silent Hill Taking Shape? Announcement May be a Matter of Time

The Korean age rating agency has registered a game titled Silent Hill: The Short Message. The company, which regularly releases Konami games on the local market, was cited as its publisher.

The fact that the new Silent Hill is being made, is almost certain. Almost, because so far the game has not been officially announced - everything we have comes from more or less reliable leaks. The chance of an imminent change in this situation became greater after Korea's The Game Rating and Administration Committee registered such a game, under the title Silent Hill: The Short Message, to give it an age rating.

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Source: GRAC / Gematsu.

The publisher of this unannounced game is to be the company UNIANA, which used to distribute Konami games (such as eFootball 2022) in South Korea. The latter, in turn, as we know, recently renewed the trademark of Silent Hill, which, of course, has raised the hopes of fans of the iconic series for a next installment - or a remake Silent Hill 2. The latter, as reported by industry insiders, is to be created by Polish studio Bloober Team - known for horror games such as Blair Witch or The Medium. The developer has not confirmed these rumors, but also did not deny them.

VGC has reached information that talks regarding Silent Hill games were conducted with a number of studios. In addition to Bloober Team, Konami was said to have reached an agreement with Annapurna Interactive, which is reportedly developing an episodic spin-off of the series, similar in concept to Until Dawn.

It is worth mentioning that in May 2022 the web has seen a leak of screenshots allegedly coming from the new Silent Hill. They purportedly depicted an early version of the game, dating back about two years. The leak was laced with a brief note about the characters Anita and Maya, as well as SMS messages.

The latter information was quickly linked by fans to a November 2019 post by Alana Pearce of Santa Monica Studio. In it, there was a suggestion that the new Silent Hill would engage players by breaking down the so-called "fourth wall" - for example, by means of emails or SMS.

SMS stands for short message system. It seems that these reports fit like a glove with Silent Hill: The Short Message, which was registered in Korea. Regardless of what the game in question will be, it can be expected to be officially announced in the coming months - possibly at The Game Awards 2022 in December.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message

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