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News video games 15 June 2022, 15:50

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Starfield Will Separate Space And Planetside Segements

In Starfield we will not land on the surface of planets with our own hands. The space segment of the game will be completely separate from the gameplay on the surface.

  • Starfield will not eanble us to land on planets on our owm, because they will be completely separated from the rest of space.
  • The combat and space sections are to resemble a combination of FTL and MechWarrior.
  • In Starfield we will also visit the largest city Bethesda has ever created.

The recent Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase has provided us with a lot of information about Starfield. We already know, among other things, that the game will enable us to visit up to 1000 planets in 100 star systems.

Of course, this has raised many associations with No Man's Sky among the players. Unfortunately, Bethesda's game will not have one characteristic element of Hello Games' production. We won't be able to land on the explorable planets on our own.

Planets separated from space

In an interview for IGN Todd Howard confessed that the studio gave up this idea quite early.

Designing a sequence that would allow for independent landing in any place of the planet would be a complicated task not worth the final result. In fact, it's not particularly important to the player - at least according to Howard.

Instead, the studio was to focus on polishing both aspects of gameplay. Both the gameplay in space and on the surface of planets is to present the highest level.

Space combat with a lot of options

Todd Howard decided to say a little more about the gameplay in Starfield. He shared some interesting information about the space gameplay.

The creator revealed, among others, what the developers were inspired by while designing the space gameplay sections. Among the titles mentioned was FTL from 2012.

Similarly to the aforementioned game, the players will have to properly manage their ship in Starfield. We will choose, for example, which systems of the vessel should receive more energy. The combat itself is to resemblethe clashes known from the MechWarrior series in terms of pace and complexity.

In space, however, we will not only shoot at the encountered ships. It is also possible to talk to the crews of other machines and even dock with them. Abduction and theft of other ships will also be available.

The biggest city in Bethesda's history

Many attractions will be waiting for the players also on the planets' surface. Of course, we will find a whole bunch of locations to explore, but probably the most interesting will be the four huge cities prepared for the game.

The biggest one is to be New Atlantis, but this measure is not limited only to Starfield. It will be the largest virtual city that Bethesda has ever designed. So it looks like it will overshadow even the vast Boston area from Fallout 4.

New Atlantis will not be just an empty shell. Howard assured that the cities in Starfield will be full of interesting content. We'll find in them potential quests, faction headquarters, stores and a lot of other elements.

To find out whether these announcements are true, we'll have to wait. Starfield will debut in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series S/X.



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