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News hardware & software 18 September 2021, 20:32

author: Jacob Blazewicz

New Leak Reveals Steam Deck's Interface

The Steam Deck console will bring with it a completely new interface. Screenshots posted by Pavel Djundik (creator of SteamDB) show how it will look like on Windows devices.

Valve already sent Steam Deck devkits to selected studios, some of whom apparently were anything but discreet, thanks to which we can see the interface of the new console in all its glory. Photos were posted by Pavel Djundik, the author of SteamDB.

This is not the first opportunity to see the new UI, but so far almost everyone had to settle for official graphics. It is also important to remember that Steam Deck will be released in December 2021 and Valve may make further changes before than. The interface does not differ too much from that known from the PC, although we can see some improvements. In addition, of course, the store is not yet available

It should be added that the screenshots attached to the entry were not taken on Steam Deck. As Pavel Djundik reports, a consequence of the devkits being released was a leak of SteamOS3, the new version of Valve's OS. Some people tried to install it on other Windows handheld consoles. It was on these devices that the screenshots were taken.

It should be reminded that some of the changes planned for Steam Deck will also make their way to the PC version of the Steam client. Back in July Valve confirmed plans to remove the old Big Picture mode (designed for playing on TV with a gamepad), which will be replaced by an optional console interface. So Djundik's screenshots are more of a teaser of what we'll see on PC, rather then the OS on Steam Deck's screen. Assuming that this is a real leak - traditionally we remind not to believe unofficial information, even if they come from relatively reliable sources.

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