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News hardware & software 22 October 2019, 09:59

author: Konrad Serafinski

Steam: Remote Play Together Enters Beta; It's like PS4's Share Play

Remote Play Together, a feature that enables us to play online games that only have a local multiplayer mode, is available for testing on Steam.

Couch party. Everyone on their own couch.

For almost two weeks now, we have known that Steam will feature a new and very interesting option. Of course, we are talking about Remote Play Together, which will enable us to play online together in titles that only have a local multiplayer mode. This procedure is designed to encourage people who do not have much time every day to visit friends and play games side by side (literally). What is most interesting, however, is that Remote Play Together has just been released as to open beta testing.

The feature that will enable us to play titles in cooperation, multiplayer or split-screen up to four people (although Valve enigmatically states that in ideal conditions it can be even more people) is very easily accessible. Just join the Steam client beta and then run a multiplayer game. Then we invite our friends and choose Remote Play Together in the tab. Your friend's controller will function as if it were connected directly to your computer. Of course, our companions will only see the game - the desktop and other private files will be inaccessible to them.

As you can see, it's all very much like the Share Play feature known to PlayStation 4 users. Just like on a Sony system, the visitor has limited possibilities, but you can play games together. Valve warns that during beta-tests, possible mishaps may happen, because the company is just checking and improving the stability and compatibility of the network on different devices. Of course, you can share your opinion with programmers on the forum. At this address you will find a list of games that support the new feature. Fortunately, it is large and it seems to be constantly growing.

  1. Steam - official website
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