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Samsung Galaxy Latest news and info

Users Report Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are Getting Flooded With Ads

Smoczy, 01 July 2020, 14:27

More and more users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones complain about the large number of ads. They appear in many of the deafault apps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Users Report Breaking Camera Glass

Bart Swiatek, 30 April 2020, 11:55

On the company's official forum, some users of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra complain that their phones have cracked the lens protection glass for no reason. They also complain that the company is neglecting the matter and the warranty does not cover the repair.

Coronavirus: Samsung Temporarily Shuts Down Its Smartphone Factory

Bart Swiatek, 24 February 2020, 11:38

Samsung has decided to close one of its factories for the weekend - a plant located in the Korean city of Gumi, where Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphones are manufactured.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone on First Video

Bart Swiatek, 03 February 2020, 13:23

A video presenting the appearance of a new folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, the Korean company's response to Motorola Razr, has appeared on Twitter.

New Photos of Samsung Galaxy S20+; New Folding Smartphone in the Works

Bart Swiatek, 13 January 2020, 11:42

The editorial staff of XDA has published several photos of Samsung Galaxy S20+ - the middle smartphone from the new line of Korean flagships. The company is also said to be working on the Galaxy Z Flip, a folding phone resembling Motorola Razr.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Bests Huawei and Samsung in Battery Life Benchmark

Barth Faryna, 25 September 2019, 15:11

With the new iPhone 11 series, Apple has focused on two issues: the battery and the camera. The tests show that the manufacturer has done its homework on at least one of them.

Samsung Galaxy Fold - $2000 Smartphone is Extremely Fragile

Julia Dragovic, 23 September 2019, 12:47

Samsung has released a video that shows how future and current users should take care of their new Fold. The company also reveals that the magnet holding a smartphone in folded position may demagnetize credit cards, and if you have an implanted medical device, you should consult a physician before buying it. And there's more of it.

Samsung is Working on a New Fold. Again

Julia Dragovic, 22 August 2019, 16:39

All signs (read: disclosed patents) suggest that Samsung has written off the old, although new Fold. While the work on the smartphone was supposed to be finished, the company is already working on a completely new, transformed version. This time it will fold horizontally.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Prices Leaked - Lower Than Expected

Barth Faryna, 05 August 2019, 20:54

The official launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ is approaching, and there are more and more information about the devices on the web. Recently, one of the „leakers” posted information on his Twitter about the official prices of the smartphones, which shows that the phones will be cheaper than previously expected.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lives; New Launch Date

Barth Faryna, 26 July 2019, 16:21

Despite the serious delay suffered by Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding smartphone, the manufacturer is not putting down its arms. Contrary to rumors circulating on the web, the device will appear in stores later this year, and the implemented fixes are intended to prevent further malfunctions.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Beats Sales of S9; Top Price, Top Popularity

Julia Dragovic, 03 July 2019, 15:42

Sales results of Samsung Galaxy S10 outperformed those of its predecessor, S9, and the most popular model turned out to be the most expensive one - Galaxy S10 Plus. I think somebody's doing pretty well here!

Samsung's Deputy CEO Embarrassed by the Problems with Galaxy Fold

Conrad Hazi, 02 July 2019, 14:47

The first folding phone call from Samsung - Galaxy Fold - has been announced many months ago. However, the premiere has been postponed for a long time, and DJ Koh, the company's deputy CEO admitted that he was embarrassed by the situation and partly to blame.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Leaks; Possible Appearance and Price?

Bart Swiatek, 07 June 2019, 13:55

A lot of rumors appeared on the web concerning the new flagship of Samsung - the Galaxy Note10. We've also seen a rendered graphic that depicts the possible appearance of the device.

What's Samsung Galaxy S10+ Manufacturing Cost?

ElMundo, 05 March 2019, 13:39

That smartphones are getting more expensive defies any argument. Having that in mind, it is worth analysing the production costs of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S10+.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Spartphones Full Specs Leaked

Conrad Hazi, 14 February 2019, 15:04 published full specifications of Samsung's new flagships - Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Documents allegedly come from an informant of a portal closely related to Samsung. At the moment, however, the information's not confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be expensive

Agnes Adamus, 23 January 2019, 22:41

In less than a month, the newest flagship smartphone from Samsung - Galaxy S10, will be officially revealed. As a result, there are many leaks concerning the newest device from Korean manufacturer. Unfortunately, it will be more expensive than last S9.