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News video games 02 June 2020, 10:23

author: Adrian Werner

The Avengers - Gameplay From THQ and Marvel's Canceled Project

A new gameplay from The Avengers, a canceled action game set in the Marvel universe developed by THQ, has been released online.

Currently, many people are waiting for Marvel's Avengers, a production set in the famous comic book universe, developed by Crystal Dynamics. However, this is not the first high-budget project using the license of this brand. At the beginning of the last decade, THQ was creating its own game of this type. The title has been abandoned, but in recent years a lot of video materials from the early versions of the project have been surfacing. New videos have just been released by Andrew Borman, the curator of New York's Museum of Play, who received them from ObscureGamers.

The video shows over ten minutes of gameplay from THQ's The Avengers. The gameplay was recorded on Xbox 360. It comes from an early version of the game, so it's heavily underdeveloped and missing a lot of elements, but the video still gives a pretty good idea of what the project would have had to offer.

The project was launched in 2010 in the Australian branch of THQ, and was developed with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U in mind. The release was planned for 2012 and was to take place simultaneously with the cinema debut of the first Avengers.

The project was a first-person action game, in which we could play as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk, among others. The title was to offer both a single player campaign and a co-op mode. The campaign was based on the movie script, enabling us to recreate the most important scenes from the cinema hit.

Eventually the project was abandoned due to THQ's financial problems. After its bankruptcy in 2013, an asset auction was held, but no one was interested in buying The Avengers.

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