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News video games 02 September 2016, 10:58

author: luckie

Total War: Warhammer gets The Grim and the Grave DLC and a free Legendary Lord Pack

The Grim and the Grave is the newly released paid DLC for Total War: Warhammer. Besides, the game has also received a free Legendary Lord Pack.

Total War: Warhammer has just received a bunch of new content: paid The Grim and the Grave DLC, free Legendary Lord Pack, and Update 3. The biggest of them, The Grim and the Grave add-on, is available on Steam for $7.99, and it introduces two Legendary Lords: Volkmar The Grim, the Grand Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar (the Empire), and Helman Ghorst the Necromancer (Vampire Counts). Along also come new missions, skill trees and magic items as well as two types of lords (Arch Lector and Strigoi Ghoul King), 5 new units, 18 elite Regiments of Renown, and 5 maps for offline and multiplayer skirmish. Some of these new features are showed off in this trailer:

As for the free DLC (or the free-LC, as Creative Assembly like to call them), it features one Legendary Lord: Vampire Count Vlad von Carstien. He too has a dedicated quest chain, abilities, and five new battlegrounds. This should become available to everyone after installing the latest game update. The video below presents this free content in detail and discusses the new Legendary Lord’s unique features. By the way, if you want to view the full Update 3 changelog, head over to Total War wiki.

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