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News video games 22 March 2017, 19:56

author: luckie

Want to unlock all base content in For Honor? Forget it!

For Honor was never designed to let you unlock all the base content, one of its developers admitted in a live stream. Getting all cosmetic items would take either a ridiculous amount of time or money.

For Honor fans weren’t too happy to hear that it is virtually impossible to get all the items in the game. In a recent live stream Damien Kieken plainly admitted that Ubisoft never had the intention for the players to be able to unlock everything. He compared the system to a MOBA or an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft for instance, in which no one would ever reasonably hope to get all items for all characters.

According to a Reddit user, who did some math, you currently need 91,500 steel (in-game currency) to unlock all cosmetic items for just one character, amounting to 1,098,000 steel for all of them. Getting so much steel would take hardcore players well over 300 days of constant playing, while those who only play the game a couple of hours a day would need about 2.5 years. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay with time, you can always spend some real money for Steel Packs, however, it would take as much as $732 to get just the base content.

Want to unlock all base content in For Honor? Forget it! - picture #1
Some players believe that Ubisoft is simply reaching for more money.

As far as a system like this works just fine for free-to-play MOBA games, it does not necessarily seem reasonable in a $60 game with a $40-worth season pack. The thing is, all in all the players seem to be happy about how For Honor plays – online battles of Knights, Samurai and Vikings are simply a lot of fun. It seems that the only thing you can do is swallow the bitter pill of knowing you will never get everything in the game, and just enjoy it as it is.

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