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News video games 24 April 2019, 23:54

author: Michael Kulakowski

Persona 5: Royal Revealed

Atlus has revealed details of Persona 5: The Royal, a revised and expanded version of Persona 5 with new content. The title will be released only on PlayStation 4 and will appear in the West in 2020.

We first heard about Persona 5: Royal at the end of March this year. Japanese developer Atlus announced that the first details about it will appear on April 24. In accordance with the plans presented at the time, the developers confirmed today that the title will be an expanded version of the well-received Persona 5, which appeared in the West in 2017. The production will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 and will debut in Japan in October. The launch in Europe and North America is planned for 2020.

Persona 5: Royal will offer fans a ton of new content, similar to Persona 4: Golden, Persona 3: FES and Persona 3: Portable. It is worth noting that all the novelties will be included in the original story mode of the title. This time the players will be able to experience the entire third semester of the school, which for various reasons was previously unavailable. It will be filled with new events, as well as tasks and interactions between the characters. We will also visit previously unseen locations and get the opportunity to spend free time with friends in new places, such as Tokyo's Kichijouji district.

The biggest star of the game is Kasumi Yoshizawa, a red-haired gymnast who goes to Shujin High School at the same time as the main character. Kasumi has already appeared in the first animated teaser and is expected to play a significant role in the expanded storyline, joining quite quickly the group of "heart thieves" led by the protagonist. During the adventure we will also get a chance to make friends with Takuto Maruki, a school psychologist, as well as with a mysterious boy who one day appears in Leblanc café.

Persona 5: Royal Revealed - picture #1
Kasumi will join the group of thieves led by the protagonist, changing the course of the plot.

When it comes to gameplay, in the original and new dungeons there will be optional bosses and hidden treasures waiting for us. The game will also offer a number of new personas and additional options to help us make decisions about how to plan our day. Persona 5: Royal will also receive a new intro, as well as a soundtrack featuring many previously unheard tracks. The graphic design will also be improved. The developers have increased the details of 3D character and environment models, texture quality and added support for 4K resolution (only on PlayStation 4 Pro).

Persona 5: Royal Revealed - picture #2
In the game, we will take our friends to places that we haven't visited before.
Persona 5: Royal Revealed - picture #3
We will also take part in new events.
Persona 5: Royal Revealed - picture #4
We will also defeat new optional bosses.

It is worth noting that Atlus does not provide the possibility to purchase new content in the form of DLC for the owners of the original Persona 5. To enjoy the attractions prepared by Japanese developers we will have to buy the game at its full price. On April 25, the studio is to publish new information about Persona 5 S, which is suspected by fans to be a Nintendo Switch port of the basic game and possibly also for PC.

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