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News video games 02 October 2019, 15:49

author: Bebop

Xiaomi Smartphone Owners Banned in Pokemon GO

Xiaomi smartphone owner were subject to mass bans in Pokemon GO. A new update of the MIUI frontend may be responsible for the incidents. The game's developer, Niantic, remains silent.

Pokemon GO treats Xiaomi smartphone owners as cheaters.

According to XDA Developers, the extremely popular mobile game Pokemon GO has started to cause problems for owners of Xiaomi smartphones. For uknown reasons, with the latest update of the MIUI system frontend, players receive bans ranging from 7 to 30 days. Such penalties are usually imposed on persons using modified or hacked software clients. However, the problem is with the original copies of Pokemon GO.

  1. Xiaomi smartphone users are being banned in Pokemon GO;
  2. Game Booster's fault has been ruled out - the problem lies most likely with the new update for the MIUI frontend;
  3. Niantic hasn't responded to the case.

Initially, it was assumed that Game Booster, which is responsible for accelerating the speed of the game, was to blame. However, this was ruled out after users who did not use this feature were banned. This is also not influenced by smartphone models. Everything indicates that the MIUI 10.3.2 frontend is to blame.

That's the message that the banned players received. Source:

At the moment the problem affects more than 500 users of Xiaomi devices. This is illustrated by a list created in Google Docs, to which more and more victims are added. Bans are also the subject of a discussion on Reddit.

Despite numerous reports and complaints, Niantic, the company responsible for Pokemon GO, has not yet addressed the issue. However, if the fault really does lie in the MIUI frontend, a new update should fix the problem.

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