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Sons of the Forest Guide by

Sons of the Forest Guide

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Sons of the Forest: Crafting and the crafting panel Sons of the Forest guide, tips

In Sons of the Forest, it will not be uncommon for you to craft items that will help you survive. On this page of the guide you will learn how the crafting panel works.

Last update: 22 February 2023

Your survival depends on your ability to craft the right items. Fortunately, the crafting system is designed in such a way as to allow quick producing of useful tools, weapons, or even medicines. On this page of our Sons of the Forest guide you'll find tips on how to efficiently use the crafting interface, and a complete list of craftable items.

Crafting step by step

To craft an item - Sons of the Forest: Crafting and the crafting panel - Resources and crafting - Sons of the Forest Guide

To craft an item:

  1. Enter the inventory menu (the I key) .
  2. Place the cursor on the grey gear symbol, and you'll see a list of crafting recipes, along with simple graphics depicting the required ingredients.
  3. For the items to enter the crafting interface, you need to place the mouse on them and press right mouse button. The chosen items will be moved to the center of the screen. If any of the items is not used in the given recipe, they will be "greyed-out" and you won't be able to click them.
  4. After all needed ingredients are in the center of the screen, the gear icon will become three-dimensional. Once ready, simply press LMB to craft the item. The created item can be used instantly or saved for later.

You can only craft one item at a time, so if you need more of the same item, you'll have to repeat the process.

Remember that entering the crafting interface doesn't pause the game. For that reason, open the inventory only in safe locations so that you aren't attacked.

Medicine and food



Additional information

Health Mix

Yarrow Aloe Vera

Restores a small portion of health

Health Mix

Yarrow Aloe Vera Horsetail

Restores a large portion of health

Energy Mix

Chicory Arrowleaf

Restores a small portion of stamina

Energy Mix

Devil's Club Chicory Fireweed

Restores a large portion of stamina

Cat Food

Canned Food Can Opener

Satisfies hunger.




Additional information

Crafted Bow

2x Stick Rope Duck Tape

Basic ranged weapon

Crafted Club

Stick Skull Duck Tape

Basic melee weapon

Crafted Spear

Stick Rope Knife

A simple melee/ranged (when thrown) weapon Can be used to fish.

Molotov Cocktail

Cloth, Vodka Bottle

Deals area-of-effect damage after being thrown Before throwing, light it using the lighter (L key on keyboard)

Time Bomb

Circuit Board C4 Brick Wire Duck Tape Watch 5x Coins

A powerful bomb that deals a lot of damage.

Stone Arrow

2x Feather 4x Small Rock 2x Stick

Arrow with a stone tip.


Chainsaw Batteries

A very powerful melee weapon.




Additional information

Leaf Armour

Cloth 10x Leaf

Doesn't provide much protection, but offers a bonus to stealth.

Bone Armour

4x Bone Duck Tape Rope

Offers good protection against damage

Hide Armor

2x Animal Hide Cloth

Offers good protection against damage

Tech Armour

Tech Mesh Batteries Circuit Board Duck Tape Wire

Top-tier protection




Additional information

Repair Tool

Stone Rope Stick

A simple tool used to repair damaged structures


Stick Cloth

Basic light source


Flashlight Batteries

A much better choice than the Torch, very useful in caves.

Zip Line

Grappling Hook Rope

Used with Rope Gun

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