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Sons of the Forest Guide

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Sons of the Forest: Food Sons of the Forest guide, tips

The hunger bar is one of the most important in the game. On this page, you will learn about the mechanics of hunger and the types of food in the game Sons of the Forest.

Last update: 03 March 2023

Monitoring the hunger level is a key element of the game, and not satisfying it is associated with the character's slow death. Consuming food refills the hunger bar. It is worth remembering that food also regenerates health and stamina.

How to get food?

There are several ways to obtain food and satisfy the character' - Sons of the Forest: Food - Basics - Sons of the Forest Guide

There are several ways to obtain food and satisfy the character's hunger:

  1. Order Kelvin to fish. In Sons of the Forest, fishing is slow and troublesome, whereas Kelvin will bring you a few fish in a moment. Roast fish over a fire to meet your character needs.
  2. Hunting will allow you to collect a large amount of meat from the local fauna.
  3. When picking berries, you get seeds that you can plant in your shelter.
  4. After winning the fight, you can dismember the cannibals and then roast the limbs.
  5. As a last resort, you can eat Energy Bars and supplies left by other dispatchers.

Types of food

Below we present all available types of food:

  1. Crunchie Wunchies;
  2. Turtle egg;
  3. Oysters;
  4. Energy drink;
  5. Canned food;
  6. Ramen;
  7. MRE;
  8. Meat;
  9. Cat food;
  10. Fish;
  11. Meds;
  12. Piece of bacon;
  13. Energy bar;
  14. Energy mix;
  15. Energy mix;
  16. Herbal mix;
  17. Herbal mix;
  18. Cannibal limbs;
  19. Willowherb;
  20. Chicory;
  21. Arrowleaf;
  22. Guarana berries;
  23. Blueberries;
  24. Devil's Club;
  25. Blackberries;
  26. Salmonberries;
  27. Snowberries
  28. Twinberries
  29. Horsetail;
  30. Aloe Vera;
  31. King Oyster;
  32. Shiitake;
  33. Flu Amanita;
  34. Hydnum Repandum.
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