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Sons of the Forest Guide by

Sons of the Forest Guide

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Sons of the Forest: Stamina Sons of the Forest guide, tips

Taking care of high energy in Sons of The Forest levels is crucial for all activities. On the following page, you will learn how to regenerate energy and what affects maximum energy levels.

Last update: 03 March 2023

Stamina bar in Sons of the Forest is as important as your health bar. With a low stamina level, you won't be able to do much, such as chopping down trees or fighting. A tired character will be an easy target for cannibals and mutants.

What uses stamina?

Running, fighting and chopping down trees - Sons of the Forest: Stamina - Basics - Sons of the Forest Guide

Running, fighting and chopping down trees. By performing various activities, you deplete the energy bar. With the time and the activities performed, the maximum level decreases. This results in the character making more frequent breaks, moving slower, and breathing deeper. There are several ways to reset your rest level.

How to regenerate stamina?

The best way to recover quickly is to drink an Energy Drink. The potion replenishes the entire stamina bar and restores a large part of the character's rest (moon icon). However, it is worth remembering that drinks are a limited resource on the island, available only in a few locations. Using the drinks should be your last resort.

One way to rest is sleep - Sons of the Forest: Stamina - Basics - Sons of the Forest Guide

One way to rest is sleep. It allows you to refill your energy bar and restore rest. You can sleep in:

  1. shelters you have built,
  2. tents you find on the map,
  3. using a bed.

Your hunger and thirst levels decrease while you sleep. Sleeping won't be available if cannibals are nearby. In this case, it's best to use another way to replenish stamina, or if you have no choice, you have to eliminate all enemies near the shelter.

Another way is to create Energy Mix. To do it, you'll need:

  1. 1x Chicory
  2. 1x Arrowleaf

By using Energy Mix you get the same bonuses as when drinking an Energy Drink, only the effect is smaller.

Drinking river water or from a 3d-printed flask is also a good way to replenish your stamina. Quenching your thirst several times will allow you to replenish your entire stamina bar. In addition, there are no negative effects of doing so in the early access version.

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