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Sons of the Forest Guide

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Sons of the Forest: List of mutants Sons of the Forest guide, tips

The caves in Sons of the Forest are inhabited by different types of mutants. On this page of the guide you will find a list of them, along with their characteristics.

Last update: 13 March 2023

On this page of the Sons of the Forest guide, you will find a list of mutants living in caves on the island. We have described their characteristic features and ways to defeat them.

Blind Mutant

The most common form of cave-dwelling mutants. They are completely naked creatures that carry no weapons. Due to their blindness, they locate you by sounds. So the quieter you are, the less chance they will attack you.

Another common type of mutant - Sons of the Forest: List of mutants - Basics - Sons of the Forest Guide


Another common type of mutant. You will find it deeper in caves. They are tall creatures that mostly consist of fingers. It is better to use ranged weapons to fight them.


A mutant composed of two fused creatures. They never attack directly. Instead, they prefer to sneak up from behind and do stealth attacks

Mutant Babies

They are very small, newly born mutants. They live in packs, so if you encounter them in a cave, be prepared to fight a horde. They are very fast opponents, so it's hard to hit them.


A non-aggressive mutant that blocks cave passages. You have to blow it up with explosives.


This is a very rare type of enemy encountered only in the final part of the game - volcanic caves. They are vulnerable to the cross. If you have this item and use it on these creatures, they will burn and run away. More about this weapon can be found on the Cross page.

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