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Essays 21 June 2022, 14:54

author: Eklerek

The Best Video Games With Cats

Cats play a relatively minor role in video games. Fortunately, there are some titles that give them a fair amount of attention. Let's check out how the industry portrays them.

Cat Cafe – Calico, Cat Cafe Manager

Cat cafes have gained popularity in recent years all over the world. It's no surprise that they're also found in games. However, the titles presented below may leave home-grown bankers and entrepreneurs wanting – the financial aspects were simplified, treated a bit superficially, more like a necessary evil. More emphasis is placed on interior design and bonding with cats.


  1. Cat role: cute pets to tame and more
  2. Release year: 2020
  3. Genre: adventure
  4. Average play time according to howlongtobeat.com: 3 hours
  5. Platforms: PC, XOne, Switch, PS4(September 2022)

Calico is a game about running a cat cafe, but it's far from the cold and analytical approach typical of all kinds of management games. The vibe is closer to Animal Crossing – it's cute, charming and idyllic, and the selection of the right carpet turns out to be more important than margins, sales targets or quarterly reports.

Our task is to rebuild and run a local cafe. We can fill the interior not only with various furniture and decorations that we get as we progress in the game, but also introduce cute animals that we take in along the way. The creators also added mini-games related to baking.

The graphics are three-dimensional, but kept in a very specific style. Everything seems like a pastel fable, but the simplified models and a certain boxiness may evoke associations with Switch games.

  1. Calico in our encyclopedia

Cat Cafe Manager

  1. Cat role: the mainstay of our cafe
  2. Release year: 2022
  3. Genre: economic
  4. Average play time according to howlongtobeat.com:18×16 svg 8 hours
  5. Platforms: PC, Switch

Cat Café Manager is a simple-looking game, reminiscent of mobile productions. Our character inherits a property from her grandmother in the small town of Caterwaul Way and her main task is to turn it into a thriving cat cafe.

Initially, the place is small and quite unattractive, but along with serving new customers and earning money, we can expand and furnish it, as well as hire employees. There are also mechanics of relationships with the townspeople, gradually developed during the game.

The cats in the game walk around and we can earn their trust and even adopt them. Everyone has their own personality and offers a different bonus for our coffee shop. We also have to meet their basic needs. As in life – an empty bowl means an unhappy cat.

Although there are elements of economy in the game, it's easy to get the impression that the creators paid more attention to cats and various factions than to the economy as such. Prices are often very high, and there's no greater control over both the menu itself and the number of ingredients used.

  1. Cat Cafe Manager in our encyclopedia
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