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Bayonetta 3 news and interesting facts

Bayonetta Dev on Possible Collaboration With Hideo Kojima: It Would be a Disaster

Marcin Przala, 26 November 2023, 13:19

The legendary Hideki Kamiya, who recently left PlatinumGames, talked about his vision for the Bayonetta brand, as well as possible collaborations with other Japanese game creators.

Creator of Bayonetta Leaves PlatinumGames

Sonia Selerska, 25 September 2023, 13:57

Hideki Kamiya is leaving PlatiniumGames after 17 years, but has no plans to end his gamedev adventure. The creator suggests we not let him out of our sight.

Great Launch of Bayonetta 3 Overshadowed by Controversy

Jakub Tarchala, 28 October 2022, 15:34

Today marks the release of Bayonetta 3, a game anticipated by the fans for eight long years. The title collects great reviews, but the release is overshadowed by a dubbing scandal.

Bayonetta 3 in First Reviews: One of Best Games of the Year

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 25 October 2022, 22:24

The first reviews of Bayonetta 3 are appearing online, with the game receiving high praise from critics.

She Lied to Gamers, Now Responds to Accusations and Calls Gamedevs Greedy

Adrian Werner, 25 October 2022, 12:12

Voice actress Hellena Taylor, known for the first two installments of the Bayonetta series, has responded to reports accusing her of misrepresenting the salary she was to be offered for her performance in the third installment of the series.

Bayonetta 3 Devs Ask Fans to Respect Voice Actresses

Damian Mista, 21 October 2022, 16:20

The studio developing Bayonetta 3 is calling for withhelding of comments at the actresses providing the voice of the game's main character. PlatinumGames says it appreciates the contributions of every co-creator in the series.

Actress May Have Deceived Millions of Gamers, Schreier Claims

Adrian Werner, 19 October 2022, 13:25

It turns out that the matter of the voice actress' resignation from her appearance in Bayonetta 3 is not as simple as it seemed. Taylor may have told mistruth in reporting how much she was offered for the job.

Bayonetta Voice Actress Calls for Boycott of Bayonetta 3 Over Insulting Pay [UPDATE]

Adrian Werner, 16 October 2022, 15:31

The female lead voice actor in the first two Bayonetta games revealed that she will not return in the third installment, as PlatinumGames offered her a insultingly low salary.

NieR: Automata Devs Have a Few Aces Up Their Sleeve, but They May Not Pull It Off

Miriam Moszczynska, 22 July 2022, 14:52

PlatinumGames has its hands full. Atsushi Inaba revealed in an interview that the company is working on several titles.

Bayonetta 3 With Solid Release Date

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 July 2022, 18:45

Nintendo and PlatinumGames have finally announced the release date for Bayonetta 3. A bloody date with a charming witch awaits us in the fall of 2022. Or actually - with two witches. You'll see both of them in the new trailer.

Pokemons Like Gold, Bayonetta 3 Coming This Year - Nintendo Report Highlights

Przemyslaw Dygas, 10 May 2022, 14:13

Nintendo has confirmed that Bayonetta 3 is alive and will debut on the market this year. The company also boasted about the success of Pokemon.

Bayonetta 3 Lives; Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 September 2021, 13:30

Bayonetta 3 is no longer a ghost game. During yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation, not only was a release date revealed, but we've also seen the first gameplay video.

Hideki Kamiya Got in a Fight With Sony, Also No Bayonetta 3 For Now

Adrian Piotrowski, 29 January 2021, 21:56

PlatinumGames co-founder responded in his own style to a question about the status of Bayonetta 3. In the process, he also criticized Sony's recent decision.

PlatinumGames CEO Reassures: Bayonetta 3 Still in the Works

Bart Swiatek, 29 December 2020, 15:57

Hideki Kamiya, CEO of the Japanese studio PlatinumGames, said in a press interview that Bayonetta 3 is still under development. The developers have also started working on the so-called G.G. Project.

Nier: Automata Sequel Inbound? PlatinumGames Prepares Big Announcements in 2020

Bart Woldanski, 07 January 2020, 14:22

PlatinumGames is preparing for this year both smaller and bigger announcements related to upcoming games. Among them there are certainly Bayonetta 3 on Nintendo Switch and Babylon's Fall, and perhaps soon we will also see the announcement of a new version of Nier.