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The Invincible news and interesting facts

The Invincible Hands-on Early Preview - A Must-play in 2023 That's All About Story

Matthias Pawlikowski, 05 August 2022, 11:37

Stanislaw Lem will finally get his rightful place in the world of video games. Invincible by Polish studio Starward Industries will be released in 2023. I've already played an early version of this production and asked the developers about it, and I know there's a lot to look forward to.

The Invincible Devs Build Atmosphere With New Screenshots

Adrian Werner, 16 July 2022, 16:31

Starward Industries has released three new atmospheric screenshots from The Invincible.

The Invincible in Atmospheric Gameplay Trailer

Adrian Werner, 12 June 2022, 22:08

At the PC Gaming Show we had a chance to see the first gameplay footage from The Invincible. On the same occasion, it was announced that the game's release has been delayed.

The Invincible Will Reveal Its Secrets in Just a Few Days

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 June 2022, 18:19

We're about to finally find out more about The Invincible, a video game based on a book by Polish sci-fi classic. Starward Industries has confirmed that the game will be featured at the upcoming show.

The Invincible Presented in Intriguing New Screenshots

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 28 May 2022, 19:16

New screenshots from The Invincible have hit the web. The title, based on Stanislaw Lem's novel, looks quite nice.

The Invincible Now in Beta Phase

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2022, 12:55

Work on The Invincible, a sci-fi game based on a work by famous novel writer Stanislaw Lem, is proceeding smoothly. The developers have announced that the project has left the alpha phase and is currently in beta.

Invincible Will Humble Our PCs; System Requirements Revealed [UPDATED]

Hubert Sledziewski, 28 January 2022, 17:28

Starward Industries has announced that Invincible, a retrofuturistic FPP adventure based on Stanislaw Lem's novel, will come out in 2022 and will not be an Epic Games Store exclusive. We also learned the system requirements for the game.

The Invincible First Look Trailer Released

Hubert Sledziewski, 24 November 2021, 10:34

During the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 a new trailer of The Invincible, a game based on Stanislaw Lem's novel, was presented.

The Invincible in First Teaser

Michael Zegar, 14 October 2021, 22:03

Check out the first teaser for the game adaptation of the novel The Invincible. Fans of Kubrick's Space Odyssey should be overjoyed.

Invincible - Mystery Broadcast Coming Later This Week

Przemyslaw Dygas, 13 October 2021, 12:45

Soon we will finally learn something more about the adventure based on Stanislaw Lem's novel. In 34 hours there will be a broadcast concerning Invincible.

The Invincible Delayed to 2022

Michal Ciezadlik, 09 April 2021, 15:58

Video game adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's novel The Invincible was supposed to debut in the second half of this year. However, devs at Starward Industries decided to chang plans - the release was delayed to 2022.

The Invincible Will Offer a Dozen+ Hours of Fun in Great Visuals

Paul Musiolik, 03 October 2020, 21:48

Based on Lem's novel, The Invincible will debut in the second half of 2021. The devs talk about the possibilities offered by the next-gen consoles and ensure that fans of narrative video games will be delighted.

The Invincible – Video Game Based on Stanislaw Lem's Novel Announced

Agnes Adamus, 15 September 2020, 17:13

On the 99th birthday of Stanislaw Lem, the video game The Invincible was announced, inspired by a 1964, hard sci-fi novel of the same title. It's in development by Starward Industries.

Video Game Based on Stanislaw Lem's Works is Being Developed

Sin, 30 May 2019, 19:59

Starward Industries has purchased license rights to one of the most important books by Polish SF writer Stanislaw Lem. The game will be an FPP adventure game and will be release on PC, PS4 and XOne.