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News 24 January 2019, 23:18

author: Vergil

Alien Blackout gets released – Five Nights at Freddy's with Alien

Alien: Blackout is available from today on the App Store and Google Play Store. The first reviews show that while Alien: Isolation fans are unlikely to be delighted, fans of the Five Nights at Freddy's series should be satisfied.

Alien: Blackout, announced a little over two weeks ago, has been placed on the virtual shelves of Google Play and App Store. In both cases, the production was valued at $6. The first reviews of this title are also appearing on the web; they show that we are dealing with a position that looks like Five Nights at Freddy's, but with an "Alien" mod.

Alien Blackout gets released – Five Nights at Freddys with Alien - picture #1
Alien: Blackout is not a dream come true to Alien: Isolation fans. Despite that, game has some pros.

Is it playable in any way?

Although we play Amanda Ripley, known for the Alien: Isolation released for consoles and personal computers, both productions can't have much in common. In Alien: Blackout we get to the next space station (Mendel Station), and in seven stages our main goal is to guide at least one character (out of four available at the start) safely through its dark corridors. By watching our heroes through safety cameras and motion detectors installed in the corridors, we have to direct their actions in such a way that they manage to repair the ship, which (at least in theory) should allow them (and us) to safely leave this place.

However, it is complicated by the fact that we have limited energy resources, and if we do not manage to make up for the completion of a given stage in eight minutes, the title "blackout" occurs, which ends the game. In addition, all victims of the story, including Amanda are constantly trampling on the heels of the title alien, which might attack at any time. If the heroine falls prey to him, there is no longer any rescue for her you need to restart the game; fortunately, we can escape from the alien’s opression by quickly closing doors or ventilation shafts.

Alien Blackout gets released – Five Nights at Freddys with Alien - picture #2
We can outsmart the alien, but don’t forget that you’re the prey and the alien is the hunter.

Fun, but not for everyone

A Toucharcade reviewer says that although not everyone likes the gameplay from the first view, Alien: Blackout gets acclaim with time and gives more fun in later stages where you start developing new tactics. Among the drawbacks he mentions the artificial intelligence of Amanda's companions, who sometimes pack directly into Xenomorph's paw, which can be frustrating. Polygon, on the other hand, notes that the game shows in principle everything it has to offer, already in the first mission, which cannot be counted as a plus. Among the opinions of Google Play players, positive ratings prevail, the average of which is currently 4.1/5.

So it seems that although the game's announcement aroused reactions comparable to the reception of the release of the mobile Diablo Immortal, in the end we received a quite decent title. Almost completely different from the Alien: Isolation (for which there is no chance for a next installment at the moment), but still being able to provide a few hours of quite satisfying fun.

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Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout

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