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News video games 07 August 2021, 21:13

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Back 4 Blood Conquered Steam Even Before Release

The recent beta of Back 4 Blood has been quite popular. On Steam alone, almost 100,000 players were in the game at the hottest moment of the tests.

If we were to look at video games from the perspective of online interest, Back 4 Blood would definitely not be the most anticipated title of the year. Whether we look at journalists' articles and comments below them, or the number of netizens following a given title on social media, the new game of Turtle Rock Studios seemed to remain in the shadow of New World, Psychonauts 2 and other potential hits of 2021. Meanwhile, one day of the new beta testing was enough for Back 4 Blood to became one of the most popular titles on Steam. At the hottest moment, the game was played by almost 100,000 users of the website.

For a game that did not seem to arouse much interest, this is an absolutely phenomenal result. After all, Marvel's Avengers - a title based on the license of an extremely popular franchise with a huge publisher backing it - barely managed to cross the threshold of 30 thousand gamers playing at the same time. Let us emphasize: we are talking about tests available almost exclusively to people who pre-ordered Back 4 Blood (and the lucky ones selected from among those registered on the game's official website). Let's add that the game can also be tested on consoles, and next week an open beta will take place. So those who want to check out the game do not have to use Steam or the option of pre-purchase. In the context, the argument that this is just a typical example of transient interest in a new title does not seem to be enough to justify the sudden popularity of B4B.

It is possible that the game will quickly lose many users if it does not appeal to the players. So far, the opinions of test participants are mostly positive. However, it is possible to find people criticizing PvP features, rare bugs, too low difficulty level and similarities (or lack thereof) to Left 4 Dead.

The developers still have time to polish the game and let's hope that at the release, the players will not have much reason to complain. Back 4 Blood is scheduled for released on October 12 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S. The open beta will begin on August 12. If you don't want to wait that long, there's already plenty of gameplay footage online, including the video below.

  1. Back 4 Blood - official website
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